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  1. nadedja nadedjina Kimanu

    Nc song ❤️❤️❤️❤️🎶😘😘

  2. Eph King

    All the way from Tanzania Sho Madjozi is trending shes the best we got your back here too

  3. Yaseen Baker

    Data and Youtube brought me here

  4. Jow K

    My south Africans if u would like translation hit like button..n PLS SUBSCRIBE to my channel

  5. Themba Simela

    In Zimbabwe huku means Chicken

  6. Hamid Ahmed

    Where did you learn swahili?

  7. Aswani Kevin

    Am from east africa, Kenya, and was wondering if swahili is a widely spoken language in south africa
    Great to have music composed in swahili in south africa and this should be emulated across the african continent

  8. Mash Jimm

    How she from S. A and sings in swahili is still a riddle to me. But hey, Africa we are one❤️

  9. Brian Qlydeh

    Kiswahili should be introduced in every country in Africa

  10. Christina Golden

    love from Ghana💞🇬🇭

  11. Joh Pesa

    jaman huyu Dada nmependa anachokfanya East Africa tunatakiwa kumsupport sana na tuhakikishe tuna subscribe akaunti yake na kumfolow instagram na peg zngne

  12. Bush Tears

    Let's blow this song up with Views too guys #AfricaUnite

  13. maxwell kimaiyo

    Kenyans mnipee likes

  14. fortune maviya

    In Shona Huku means Chicken 🤣🤣

  15. George Muthomi

    Thumps up sho 👍

  16. Funanani Netshidzati

    I love all your songs especially John cena

  17. dave mngau

    i just love sho madjozi's energy..

  18. Aisha Baardman

    I live in South Africa and in Saldanha everyone loves this song

  19. neveahn pieterson

    Hi I like this song

  20. Dash Ash

    Swahili officially the Africa language.

  21. JAM JAM

    I came here because of John Cena

  22. Lehlohonolo Mahlong

    our very own global citizen….

  23. Edwin Sigei

    hukuniambia south africa wanaongea kiswahili buana.

  24. Pascalius Katata

    I'm in love with the song

  25. Eva.

    I had no idea south Africans speak Swahili…Aaaw..that's amazing.swahili is being recognized in many countries in africa which is amazing.

  26. Elvis Ngaji

    Your Kiswahili is purely Kenyan, umetupeleka na Rieng. From 🇰🇪🇰🇪 with Love

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