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  1. Alec Cap

    And they say therer might be advanced aliens beyond Earth, now this is very advanced

  2. mesochoc liu

    It's the spirit of a nation who could build the Great Wall manually 2000 years ago.

  3. Tim Jack

    try think about 100 thousand US military people cost tax payer 100 billion us dollar each year, in Afghanistan !

  4. Mohamed Saleh

    Nice video thanks a lot

  5. pearlgarden29

    Pssst!! Don’t tell trump because he’ll claim he did it!!

  6. Alexadre Vas

    Lembra as grandes muralhas

  7. Charles tjo Chsrles T

    America is superior at building up their war game arsenal while china is superior at building up their infrastructure .

  8. Mike ringo

    American have done this 300 years before the Chinese are thinking of this kind of technology

  9. Ashen One From China

    China, lego world or sim city

  10. A Moore

    The chinese people should be labeld as a (wonder of the world)

  11. Enjoy Life

    Good video!

  12. Lorne Johnson

    Chinese people are hard-working people…

  13. Keith Putnam

    Compare the commitment to infrastructure to U. S. They're modernizing so much, and seem to have very good technology (however they got it). We're building 'THE BEST WALL EVER'!, so we got that going for us.

  14. sexgod6909

    Chinese infrastructure makes America look like a third World country!!!

  15. Joel Fialho

    Engenharia de primeiro mundo china construiu ponte com máquinario gigantesco tecnologia do futuro.

  16. Vindy Gogi

    Their level of engineering is such that the ONLY nation that can produce tracks for HyperLoop…

  17. 赵汉卿

    Believe me, except for the relatives of the Communist Party leaders who are in charge of this project, no one makes money from this project. I am a Chinese

  18. vinood kumar

    China is the only country which can change the world.

    See their construction capacity.China make impossible to possible.

  19. Fumi Yama

    Soon enough catching up with China technology will be next to impossible

  20. Frankie Holland

    Harry the USA paid for all this thanks too the former Presidets through the trad wars past.

  21. Gerald Sionzon

    What that project?

  22. ying li

    My father is a wharf builder, I am proud of him.

  23. Mobile Crushers & Screeners

    Welcome to my motherland China! God bless the whole world!

  24. Gcd St

    It's easy for Chinese

  25. Zainab

    It's like every construction/civil engineer's dream to work in a project like this

  26. Avinash Raju Magre

    सम्यक विद्यार्थी आंदोलन आमच्या घरातुन.

  27. Muhamad Ilham

    Bisaan nyiyena.

  28. Reginaldo Regye

    O Brasil é um país corrupto. País de político bandido. O Brasil jamais vai fazer uma obra dessas. O Brasil perto da china é um puxadinho.

  29. Jimmy Gorman

    Amazing world leaders. 👌👌👌👌

  30. cuộc sống thật đẹp

    Cả thanh dầm hơn 30t vậy mà dùng máy d12 bởi vậy chi phí sao không rẻ

  31. Corrine Tsang

    The tunnel boring machine and bore grader will be used in the Darlin- Tsingdoa tunnel .Maybe both will be used in the Taiwan tunnel.

  32. chadix villar

    I love china from davao city ph.😊😍

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