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  1. Sean

    Looks like a tiring game

  2. Joel Robert Justiawan

    Upscaling means excercise and stand up

  3. Y O

    Check out the videos from international mahjong tournaments on YouTube, which not surprisingly is dominated by players from mainland China, Taiwan, HK, and Japan. The international rule is to place the unwanted tiles neatly in front of you, clearly influenced by the Japanese rule.

  4. Alex ander

    only chinese can play this .

  5. rain segaran Alfaran

    Gambling while shopping.

  6. Z C

    while in HK? DEMOCRACY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Jia Ye

    I dislike mahjong as it's a form of gambling.

  8. Val K

    My back hurts just watching this

  9. MarcoLorrins1



    As an Asian who grew up to this, all I can say is, I EFFING LOVE IT!!’ ❤️

  11. anonymous mc

    Fight the power protesters!!!!

  12. Francis Lim

    That’s why the Chinese are successful,they are very innovative and intelligent,soon many foreigners will be playing Chinese Chess,which is quite similar to English Chess.Mahjong playing May becomes popular among Westerners.

  13. cocolola007


  14. da yellow parrot

    Now…. Make a chess but with the chest piece is actual human

  15. George Thomas

    Mahjong games and tournaments, every day at RedMahjong com!

  16. abar rolugos


  17. alea kim 21

    Now, that's an (mental and physical) exercise that I will do.

  18. baby shark for retard

    is this spark debate oj Chinese social media ?

  19. penny xiao

    What’s the point of this

  20. 执法鲁莽的

    Now we need to higher the stakes with high cash prize!

  21. Primiera Malantutada

    You play and exercise at the same time.. 😂

  22. Ilsunny Lo

    How are you gonna shuffle the tiles?🤔

  23. Eric p

    +50 social score?

  24. Qiao Liwei

    大家好! 想知道如何赚更多钱。有关更多详细信息,请参阅我的频道说明。

  25. Alexander Sundberg


  26. 荣昆鹏

    so heavy. so busy

  27. DJ Switch0ff

    die Musik hahah

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