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  1. ye olde space buns

    Lauren Byrne (the UK Tour Seymour) was busy when they performed this so Natalie stepped in! I believe the alternates hadn't had their costumes 100% finished yet hence the alt not covering the absence and Natalie stepping in instead.

  2. Bai Mills

    is that natalie from natalie’s salon⁉️

  3. whymustielaine

    Personally not a big fan of Aragon here, ngl I feel she sounds far too timid. Just want the whole cast to amp it up a bit really!

  4. evelyn lee

    I love this Howard. I remember when I saw the original Broadway of Hamilton then saw London cast and was like wow Jamael (London cast for Hamilton) is so bloody tall. Then saw Six and love how they are similar (with Hamilton) in getting people of all different shapes and size and ethnicity and that’s what I love. These guys are great.

  5. Lauren

    Parr’s voice 😍🔥

  6. Lauren

    I was like damn they found a Seymour who sounds just like Natalie for the tour, and then I read the description

  7. Owen Travis

    THe woman play anne of cleaves i think her name is Shakerah Mcfarlane i saw her twice as the same character on yhe west end i love her and had no idea she was doing things

  8. starfrisco

    such a great cast!!! allready loved jodie, but the other ladies are amazing!

  9. stuck in a tree permanently


  10. Miss Escobar

    Aragon has a bit of a nasal voice

  11. Rachael Grace

    This aragon is stunnnningggg wow

  12. Aniella Rose Bandril

    Why did they make it higher than usual

  13. PurpleHairedWeirdo

    1:49 bolyen trying to put her mic in her belt

  14. Chloe Konington

    I don’t like it as much as the original

  15. Elize

    Jodie Steele is everything

  16. JamiesVlogUK

    Use to go to College with Lauren Drew and studied Musical Theatre with her. She is as she is today one hell of a singer and has got a set of pipes of her. Gives me chills

  17. Anita

    It's so weird not seeing Millie as Boleyn with this cast

    Edit wait no i thought it was west end but it just has Natalie lol

  18. tonybqueen

    Extreme eyebrow wiggles at 1:09 lol

  19. misskit123

    I love Jodie. Athena sounds amazing. I'm excited to see the tour but I have to wait until February.

  20. Drew Fitzgerald

    this is the best sounding cast tbh. the cleanest harmonies and prettiest vocals imo

  21. Little Shroom

    This is great, I just wish they kept the original key. The new harmonies are kinda janky. Otherwise, I love it!

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