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  1. Emanuel Torres

    After 4 years of not hearing or finding this song it came up on my feed!! So freaking happy right now!

  2. ramonmendez165


  3. ruby pollock

    I had a headace as soon as this music went off it came back

  4. carol

    very relaxing i loved it

  5. amethystiumm

    This excellent for stress and anxiety..

  6. Trần Mạnh Tùng

    Thank you

  7. Frannie Pham

    This is a major lifesaver!

  8. Aaron Davison Music

    Really nice. I wrote a song inspired by meditating and living
    in the now. It's on my channel, check it out if you want!

  9. Ahmad Almansour

    So good. Thanks.

  10. neesh Neeshy

    Fell asleep readin d comments

  11. Chief Runs With Premise


  12. Linda Soares

    It dose not work I'm sick I cant sleep sorry thumbs down

  13. Tiegan83

    im using this to get my baby sister to sleep and i think its working.
    I am seriously impressed!


    this is so relaxing… I think… I'm gonna…. Zzzz…

  15. Claudia Favre

    i don't feel sleepy

  16. Vlaďka Durisova

    this gets me out of my anxiety, thanks

  17. deIlluminati

    I cant live without media 🙁

  18. Gabrielle Calvert

    @SAIN777 I must honestly say that would be very hard!

  19. TranquilFury727

    unplug yourself from all this electronic media for a few days

  20. Gabrielle Calvert

    Can sombody plz respond I need help sleeping. I'm 12 yrs old and I really need to know how to fall asleep fast.

  21. Dimas Besar

    Great! I'm sleeping now.

  22. Gabrielle Calvert

    I've actually tried tht but it doesn't work. I was told warm milk can work….not sure about tht

  23. Amjad

    If you,wanna fall sleep just listen to fix you (instrumental) by coldplay

  24. Gabrielle Calvert

    "to"* and " can sleep"*

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