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  1. Krot odin

    What is life?

  2. Hector Rios

    I don’t understand the life 😰😢

  3. Akihiro

    everyone in this comment section talking about love and lost someone important in their lives. Im not saying it's a bad thing, dont get me wrong. For me, this song motivates me to keep on studying bcs it gives me chill. This song also reminds me of my past and pushed me to become a better person in my life. I had a problem with my family and friends since like many years ago until today. I have no one to trust. I have no one to express all my feelings or share my problems. i only hv myself. whenever i fall, i stand back up…on my own. At first, it hurts to know that the one that you can really trust in your life was your own self.. but finally, im getting used to it. Most of people that had a same problem with me ended up finding a bf/gf in their lives and started to share their problems. some works and some not. I ever thought to do the same thing. I want to find a girlfriend. But can she help me to hold my pain? im scared it might burden her. im scared she might ended up like my friends and my family. I have so many chapters in my life that i want to tell to someone and idk how and where to start. But hmm everyone seems to not care. I only have God to share all my problems and i already told him everything. it went well! 🙂 Now, whenever i faced new problems, God will be my listener. So to all of you thatve been through hard times, just remember that there are 7 billion of people in this world and there might be 10k, 1million or even 1 billion of people will support you when all your bestfriends, friends, loved ones doesn't. And also dont forget that you still have God.

  4. Yasmin Xavier

    Melhor música 🎵
    Lembro do meu pai!😢🙏🏼

  5. Yasmin Xavier


  6. Adam Khan

    This years been a hard year, sitting my GCSE’s in 5 months, feeling like a failure, my mother was in a coma over the summer, I just got over my crush of 2 years. After finding this song from a dance I realised I need to dance to this one day.

  7. Aaron Sleeman

    This is one of those songs where you stop everything, enter deep thought and think about what you want your future to look like. Kids, married, family, smiling etc

  8. Ian Moone

    I hear this song and I see myself looking over the graves of everyone I wish I had spent more time with. My friends who I’ve lost touch with or who died in horrible accidents. My grandparents whose time I took for granted. To the one teacher that kept me from the brink every time in high school. I miss them so much and wish just once that I could hear their voices again. Especially that teacher. The number of times he sat down and listened to me, helped me get back on my feet, I can’t even remember.

  9. Dolan

    No one can understand what this song means to me

  10. scarlett feuerstein

    I feel like no one could ever possibly 100% understand this song not even Ryan if that makes sense like these words I feel like have too much meaning for me to wrap my head around

  11. Charlie and Adam

    “Don’t you understand?, I have to do this, I have to kill you, or he’s gonna kill me” Draco Malfoy~

  12. Jennifer Cleek

    0.75x 😻

  13. Jovanna Calderon

    Dedicated to my father who went to sleep on November 12, 2019. I hope to see you again, I'm sorry I couldn't save you.

  14. Jac Daniels

    To my 2 and a half year old puppy that passed away July this year, I watched her get run over by a truck but I didn't do anything, it's amazing how 2 and a half years of love and having her being the happiest she always was to be gone in a snap of a finger. She was so unique and special and I miss her so much, she was so happy and just always made everybody happy, every time I listen to the song Happier by Marshmello, I break down, this song reminds me of her too. I was the only one who could've stopped it from happening, but it still happened. I miss you Machi, wish you were still here.

  15. druidia9

    "that the universe was made just to be seen by my eyes":

    Pratītyasamutpāda, commonly translated as dependent origination, or dependent arising, is a key principle in Buddhist teachings, which states that all dharmas ("phenomena") arise in dependence upon other dharmas: "if this exists, that exists; if this ceases to exist, that also ceases to exist".

  16. Ros P

    I first heard this song at someone's room who is now becoming a stranger to me. I went here to listen again to this song because I felt it so mysterious.

    I knew it, there is something wrong or maybe right with him. He told me that he listens to this kind of music and now I'm being puzzled with his personality. Too bad I wasn't able to know him more deeper.

    I kinda miss him and this song will forever reminds me of him.
    This song is great.

  17. Okamiobidala

    I’m currently standing in my new bedroom, typing with one hand, afraid to put the brush….hold on OK I just put it on the lid. (Fascinating story 😝)
    Anyway. I have just had to stop painting…when this came on I burst into tears and thought about a guy called Robbie who I was in love with who died this year. He was my theatre director and I know deep deep inside that he liked me too. There’s too many moments that happened even though we weren’t dating officially. I left the company… a nasty prick teenager ruined my chance to be in one production the night before the show with blackmail. Fucking stupid. Since then I saw Robbie once or twice to just go up and have a hug. He told me he knew I was right and what Pete the teenager had done was despicable (but unprovable) all I needed was his arms around me and I just knew. Then, tragedy. I broke contact, met a guy, he abused and cheated on me and it took about three years to get safe from him. That day I messaged Robbie that I loved him and though he was not a fan of social media, he replied. He was with someone so I didn’t expect to elope or anything. But he asked me to come back to the theatre. My life was turmoil and I always thought …. yeah maybe once I’m sorted. (I’m getting sad again) my other ex who was a mutual friend told my mum and she told me and I couldn’t breathe. Couldn’t exist. Can’t breathe now! ‘Shit’. Phew. … ok … it turned out Pete the teenager was arrested and charged with underage sex with a minor. So he got what was coming to him. I’m glad he was outed as a sick evil fuck. But he stole years from me … I could’ve had Robbie every day instead of fucking running for my life from a drunken bodybuilder bf who scarred me so fucking much. I could’ve had him there. Even as mates. I would give my life to see and hear him again. Robbie taught me everything that I will ever need to know. About theatre and life. I want to scream at my past self… Don’t go. Don’t you dare fucking go with him. Robbie is RIGHT HERE. HE IS RIGHT FUCKING HERE AND YOU NEED TO STAY WITH HIM. Back then I thought it was good to go do my own thing. That it was grown up. I just…… fucking hell….. I hear Saturn and I stop whatever I’m doing and I just cry. Like….. ball my eyes out type cry. I don’t have friends anymore and the only people I speak to are on YouTube because I make music videos on my channel. I’ve dedicated a few of them to Robbie (Two where I’m Babydoll from Suckerpunch and he’s Tim Roth in Lie To Me. It’s a pretty cool crossover and we both look like the characters. My mum teases me for liking older guys like Tim Roth but whatever …. to me ‘Cal Lightman’ is Robbie.
    So here I am painting my wall. White base coat. I’ve stopped to type but I’m gonna grab some pens and write something about you, Robbie, take a picture and then paint over it. That way it will be there and when I think about you I can just touch the wall and sort of feel you there. I hope. Ok. I might make a vid about this going up. Probably set to Saturn… ( But poss not as it makes me brake down and hurt ) anyway. With shortness of breath, I’ll explain the infinite. How rare and beautiful it truly is that we exist.

    My darling Robbie.
    Forever yours until the end of time.
    Danielle xxxxxxxxxx

  18. Acacia Kent

    I love how transcendent this is. It can be heartbreak, or falling in love, or suicide, or immense happiness and fulfillment. This is a song that can reach all places of the heart and that, is genuinely astonishing.

  19. Michael Beever

    I was literally downloading this within 1 second. You can always tell.

  20. Elisha

    Don't fall in love young, this year as been the best and the worst year of my life just for one person. I love him, he love me but we are not going to end up together and that's pretty sad. Really sad.
    Fallen rose's

  21. Ollie

    My dearest friend once shared this song with me… Now that she's gone, I appreciate it even more, even if it reminds me of how I failed to help her. It's a soothing pain, so as to say.
    You fool, you have no idea how much I love you, how much I miss you…

  22. Andrea muth

    You taught me the courage of stars before you left
    How light carries on endlessly, even after death
    With shortness of breath, you explained the infinite
    How rare and beautiful it is to even exist
    I couldn't help but ask
    For you to say it all again
    I tried to write it down
    But I could never find a pen
    I'd give anything to hear
    You say it one more time
    That the universe was made
    Just to be seen by my eyes
    I couldn't help but ask
    For you to say it all again
    I tried to write it down
    But I could never find a pen
    I'd give anything to hear
    You say it one more time
    That the universe was made
    Just to be seen by my eyes
    With shortness of breath, I'll explain the infinite
    How rare and beautiful it truly is that we exist

  23. campbub

    Been a drug addict most of my life… lost my blood brother to it…
    I’m tired 😓 soo tired…

    Every single day … it’s a battle… then the stigma that goes with it …

    I long for the day our FARHER YHWH takes me home 💔🦋

    I’ve felt the beauty of this life, I’ve felt the deepest hurts to…

    Not sure how much I have left in me 🥺

  24. Jonathan Meddis

    I'm not crying!
    Well, that's just, like, your opinion, man…

  25. Marvin Nguyen

    to build a home – the cinematic orchestra then this , i love how youtube works its magic

  26. Rotem Yan

    I love you

  27. The Last Potato

    I see them standing there silently watching arms outstretched waiting to embrace me and lead me home. Every day I see them and every day I tell them 'not today' because I got a list of things to live for, but every day that list is getting shorter and every day it's harder to say no. I'm not going today maybe some day but not today, today I have things to live for.

  28. Maia Coelho

    Simple yet magical

  29. Alessandra Sylva

    Mano essa música me acalma , mais ela é tão triste ao mesmo tempo ela me faz chora …😥

  30. Leon Mein

    I have to say,

    I’ve listened this for a lot of time, of course if I came across it I wouldn’t have never skipped it at all. But I just wondered, why haven’t I cried to this, when everybody else.. did?

    The beautiful lyrics, the melodies, of course, this is a beautiful masterpiece. But just why?

    I went to the comment section. Reading it while listening to this made me cried.
    Let me tell you.
    It’s 2am in the morning.
    If you read the comment section you can see that , people. People typed in their emotions for this song. People put in a lot of emotions onto them. Some of it were sadness, some of it were love. It is indeed that this song makes you feel something. As if it lifts up your soul to the sky . But it was just your imagination. Of course most of us are experiencing these feeling.
    And so do I.

    I ran short time to type a lot but hey, I appreciate it if you took time to read, cya!

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