Slim Thug – “We Pull Out In Houston” feat. Yella Fella (Official Music Video – WSHH Exclusive)

Exclusive WSHH music video produced by Slim Thug [ft. Yella Fella] with the content "We Pull Out In Houston". Subscription: | WSHH Snap Discover: …. Music worldstarhiphop

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  1. Aron Figueroa

    When you want Zro on the hook but he charging an arm and a leg so you get the off brand version

  2. Light'em Up E

    No creativity…. re used hooks…dumb ass rims that stick all the way out for no damn reason

  3. Deon Mclemore

    You gotta remix this with all the Houston rap legends on it… song ain’t complete without it… I’m from Dallas!!

  4. Mike Rosabal

    Those rims are ugly as fk

  5. WestSideEustaceBlock

    I thought it was STALLEY on the thumbnail.


    Still Childhood $limmm👍👍

  7. Yung Rich

    My teacher dressed this nigga😂😂😂😂

  8. Dee

    We don't pull out that p***y in Arkansas. Lol

  9. LiTv Ent

    MUST WATCH!!!🔥🔥🔥


  10. Young Goldie

    Lol that chorus trash af..

  11. sneakerfiend4291

    Super super hard HTine

  12. S. Lee

    Montell Jordon Typa flow

  13. S. Lee

    Boyz – n – blue

  14. blaxican hearts


  15. MW

    To all the ladies out there I dont pull out.

  16. King Kut

    That's a fire remix. This is how we do it. Banga salute. Htown to Dtown. 🤘

  17. TonyMac1026

    This shit bump. Pulling out my bitch in Oregon

  18. Guzz†

    Hoje em dia esse canal e nada sem 6ix9ine

  19. Bunkin Brewer

    Remix this bitch..keke zro must be added

  20. JoshSoScrewedUp713

    Knowmmmsayyn 🤘❤

  21. P a b l o

    Nipsey hustle x G herbo

  22. Bunkin Brewer

    Yesss sir

  23. Jose Queso

    Slimmm Thugggaaa!!

  24. Jason Smith

    He name slim

  25. S G

    Fuck Texas it’s California Stockton all day everyday

  26. marcus hill


  27. ew

    Yo dis a problem

  28. slasher7456

    i liked king shit better slim

  29. Andrew Villarreal

    Ro needed to hit that verse..

  30. jgodoy80

    The hook 🔥🔥

  31. szlachta

    Your fathers should have pulled out.

  32. Dee Johnson

    Take Nothing Away From Yella Fella Cause He Did That BUT Could You Imagine If He Wouldve Had Big Moe(RIP) or Big T(RIP) Singing That Hook

  33. Cucu sugiono

    im from indonesian,, but damn,,, i love houston,,,,

  34. Ty The Great

    Chris Sails doing big things.


    Good song bra

  36. A R

    I thought Slim said he didn't wear skinny jeans cause his knot's don't fit………🤷🏿‍♂️

  37. Roger readymade

    🤘🏽HTX 🇨🇱

  38. op belahsen

    Bloods gkb homie

  39. SDKtwinz

    check it!



  41. Sam Dvt

    what the nm of the car thug slim

  42. YoungBaby Boy6


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