"Slippin" – Dark Trap Beat | Free New Rap Hip Hop Instrumental Music 2019 | Luxray #Instrumentals

1034 – "Slippin" – Dark Trap Beats | Free New Rap Rap Hip Hop Instrument 2019, provided by Luxembourg producer Luxray. #Instrumentals |Purchasing [No ….

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  1. Rujay

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    🎶 Beat Tempo – 160 BPM.

    This beat is available here – https://Rujay.co.uk

  2. Samuel Santiago

    Cool beats

  3. Alex music

    Enpesamos bien
    Todo estaba bien
    No se que paso estavas callada desde hayer
    Conociste alguien mas mas mujer
    No se
    Intento saber pero no me dices nada
    Dices que me amas pero dice otra cosa tu mirada
    Me creí todas malditas palabras mentirosa
    Dices que yo tengo la culpa
    Intentas acabar con mi pasciencia
    Para luego decir que yo tuve la culpa
    Si yo no te escribo tú no me escribes sabes
    Lo que digo
    Me tarde lo sé
    Pero me di cuenta que de mi vida no te importa
    Nada yo sé
    Tu te lo pierdes que si no soy detallista
    Lo siento te di poco
    Ya sabia que esto iba a durar poco
    Que si me enteré que me angañas
    eso ya lose
    Chica bonita es una maldi tamos mal
    Todo esto me hace mal
    Pero sabes que nunca te trate mal
    Fuiste la princesa pero me pagaste mal

  4. Beats & Instrumentals by Grizzly Beatz

    This bangs

  5. CB Tha Truth

    im sippin, but i aint screwed up,
    i been slipping and slacking, like a loser,
    my reaction was slow cuz i aint know who the truth was,
    taking addys to focus but thats an illusion,
    making me go nuts, mask the confusion,
    id laugh at my dudes trying to blast me for using,
    i aint thinking rational, the faster im moving,
    but lacking the two sense, to actually notice,
    to look at my self and know thats my opponent,
    to look up at tell you this pain that i go through,
    it hurts deep inside me, so im always silent
    its better to be quiet, than try to define this,
    all y’all really care about are dollar signs,
    getting rich and die trying, seems outta line
    these voices in my head could tell you otherwise,
    got the devil on my shoulder tryna compromise,

  6. Lorenzo Billy Begay

    Rujay thought it would catch me "SlPPIN'" but here I am 😏 Ur loyal subscriber 👍

  7. SHADY

    This sounds like a marshmallow beat with a blueface title

  8. [Kazui] Kanz


    My brain be trippin’
    Lean is all I’m sippin’
    Cash is all I’m givin’
    Don’t let me catch y’all slippin’

    Hundred bands, got the crew
    Folded Franz, got the dew
    Ridin’ all night, lookin’ for clout,
    No doubt,

    These people getting shot down.
    Drinkin’ in my place,
    Ain’t no left a trace,

    Imma hit the chains, no boppin’
    Imma ride the trains, no poppin’
    Settin’ the demons free, balls trippin’
    I will catch you slippin’

    Don’t be missin’
    Steal my cash, oh no you didn’t,
    One more heart, I’m giving,
    All these deaths, you’ve been livin’


    Don’t catch you slippin’
    Lost my bros, that’s where you fill in,
    Kicked out, guess you don’t fit in,
    Carrying the place, beats I’m killin’

  9. Ben Robinson

    Slipping what they wanted, tripping need karma. i guess its a little different when u want it, so i spit it staying real not a fake and not a comic. My state of mind i call it chronic losing site and all i gots this mic to watch me ok i know u haters really got me but every traitor just a copy concrete jungle of fakery n mockery devil waiting haunted await the fate im done with, forsaken me i know nothing not one of these where trusting so i cus em watch em sprout from dirt like mushrooms.

  10. Cyen Beats

    This beat is so fire bro

  11. BeastModeTV

    What a nice Beat, WOW. Big Support

  12. Jy beats

    Trippy. Beats. Really crazy

  13. Mauvi

    Dark vibe and beautiful overtones on the 808, great production 🖤

  14. Netak Rap Music


  15. Mawonga Saule

    Another perfect 1👌 well done 👏

  16. syvl

    Heater. Those hats and 808s do the job

  17. The OG Den

    Lit beat brother👌

  18. Lil Nike

    Keep up the great work! Would love if you could maybe give me a checkout🔥 thanks love the posts ❤️

  19. Jb4ndz

    Yo that beat go hard

  20. ProEthix

    Grip is never slippin
    Writtens always hittin swiftly in the wind I'm spittin fresher than the morning mist
    Some of'm say that I have a gift
    Smith and Weston i would keep in my fist when in my defense
    Tho never did I have to rinse from my sins
    Witness a grin this grim n dim won't see it again
    The speed of the pen is impossible I'm unstoppable its remarkable ability's too hot for you to jus walk into
    I'm an abominable form of an unknowledgeable norm
    An intolerable storm that unconscionably swormed right up on top of you
    Don't start my fuse unless you want a maniacal feud

  21. RaZz Motovlog

    Great one !

  22. Yung Hustle

    Yall motherfuckers trippin and just like an unerect penis yall will never see me slippin
    Mastered the art of hustlin
    I deserve a gold medal like a gynamst for how the money flippin
    And I ain't quittin cause I ain't a quitter
    Bitches trying to get bred but they ain't having my litter

  23. Atoyia M Blackshear


  24. jojo reyes

    Yo this is fire asf my dude ☄️🔥🔥

  25. jimjin taekook

    this is fucking fire

  26. TQuality Beatz

    Excellent great job. 👍🏼

  27. Rap Beats RB

    Awesome Beat

  28. Jordan Housmah

    Fire it’s insane bro nice hop keep up the good work bro


    Love it😍


    Nice Beat

  31. XpOTa sasouki

    yess maan thank u

  32. Benny kf

    Oh man u make the sickest beats I've ever heard love you so much 😘

  33. XxLyricalGamerzxX

    Upload already

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