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  1. David Casillas

    Banger asf

  2. wegivinnofukk

    i just dropped the second song of my first EP. Im a german dude, that creates english music and i found an individual style! So listen and relax with me. Soon more is coming, so i would really appreciate your feedback! Love and peace guys. <3

  3. Δlmighty Δlvin

    🦋 🌟

  4. Δlmighty Δlvin


  5. Uzi Hellrising

    Who else is waiting for DS2

  6. James Coleman

    Wait which one's smokepurpp??

  7. 6ix9ine ?

    Travis scot should be in this

  8. David Oreo

    "Put my thumb in her butt" eeerrrr he copied M Huncho, I'm reporting Lil Skies for racism.

  9. Britton Cook

    LOL ima be honest yall.. idk about this one

  10. Rush_Z

    Why this actually fire🤣👏🏼

  11. Mind of a warrior

    Umm did lil skies rap?

  12. Hossein kenzo


  13. Hossein kenzo


  14. Isaac Robles

    Put my thumb in her butt 😂😂

  15. Gamer805ca Gamer805ca

    "All she wanna do is put some shots in her butt" lmao

  16. YUNGH OG beats

    Man this is dope

  17. qJooosh

    i thought that was steph curry at first in the thumbnail

  18. LosT Torres

    Boy this nav go hard asf

  19. Potudo Estúdios GAMES

    cadê a speed demons seu gay?

  20. Los Santos

    Bro wtf this song is sampled


  21. Parker Vavrick

    Shit slaps

  22. Owen



    че там фэйс забыл

  24. Footlive TV

    Lil skies вообще зачитал?

  25. Elegantcrawfish9 hype beast

    Only Hear Cuz Of Skies

  26. Damian Tovar

    Logic coo but skies way better

  27. Twój Pan

    so now hes real street nigga right? lol.

  28. Richard Wallace


  29. Hyqi

    im only here for smokepurp

  30. Aiman Huncho

    Damn you looks so good boy

  31. Boy Who

    Purpp and Skies some mad butt munchers , respek

  32. Kevin J

    Two artist who have been releasing trash music release a trash song.

  33. Shaquille Ghans

    What lil skies cut his hair where was I lol

  34. R A W

    Smokepurpp sounded like travis scott in this one

  35. Moskit 19

    "Dirty Dirty" that's in your head now for months on end

  36. Money Man

    Smokepurp just said he has a lil boner..wtf

  37. Honey Bunny

    Got Skies verse on repeat. I need new music from his ass

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