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  1. Зина Олч

    Ух как хорошо, все время ищю нашего Терри. Все прекрасно!!!

  2. László Rigó


    01. Desparate Measures
    02. Lay Back in the Arms of Someone
    03. Man Le Wan
    04. Wild Angels
    05. Ain't It Funny How It Works
    06. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow
    07. Goodbye Yesterday's Heartache
    08. Don't Play Your Rock'N'Roll to Me
    09. Oh Carol
    10. Needles and Pins
    11. Living Next Door to Alice
    12. Have You Ever Seen the Rain

  3. Stella Hansen

    it's a beautiful video

  4. Ľubomír Martinka

    it's a beautiful video

  5. Twentiethcenturybaby

    Love this, got it on video.

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