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  1. spartan876

    I’m so sorry

  2. mixolydian mode

    I consider Soccer Mommy to be a gem that i found and cherish. The music speaks to my soul!

  3. Nicdysonmusic

    instantly got a classic vibe at soon as it started. Avril, Alanis, Sheryl, they're all encapsulated in this yet it still feels fresh. Amazing

  4. 이경미


  5. Stanley Clark

    She’s all the way back into her retro 90’s bag and I’m here for it.

  6. JC Clemente

    this would so be on a disney channel original movie from the early 2000s

  7. Félix

    Great song really addictive. The guitar riff sounds like the Shawn Mullins song when he sings "Everything will be alright" lol

  8. AstoundingJB

    I'm no more in the U.S., but glad to still hear from you Soccer mommy!

  9. beneaththesound

    very catchy tune

  10. eare


  11. huzai fah

    shes really channeling alanis morissette vibe in this song

  12. John Cook Lynch

    Strong 1997 vibes! If you like this then you should check out the song "High" by Feeder!

  13. Valkyrie Taurus Tarot

    My new fav song!

  14. Charles Griffin Gibson


  15. Mona

    it feels like i grew up with this song

  16. Edward Benitez


  17. Cursed Boy

    see you in austin my dude

  18. Kevin Okto Defrian

    Sean malto??? 😃💯

  19. 1Speedracer3 _

    Hilary Duff vibes

  20. aman

    this is so 90s I was thrusted back into non-existence

  21. jillian frances

    so freakin good !! gives me a 90's vibe i am obsessed with you

  22. aep1994

    A juicy mood and vibe. dog bless

  23. Strong Sponge

    2002 Avril Lavigne type beat

  24. The Union Argus

    The 90’s called. They said you fucking nailed it.

  25. skygoesblue

    she deserves so much more popularity her music is so good ugh. once again an amazing song she never disappoints

  26. nahomie

    you are honestly my fav artist 🥰🤗

  27. Maizie Croom

    the nineties country influences.. you don't understand I'm obsessed

  28. TheMagicKingdom02

    So does Soccer Mommy have like the cutest smile or what?? I love the new song!!!

  29. Aidan

    Ever since she released lucy she’s becoming more and more experimental, and I’m really loving it! If she keeps this up her album will be known as one of the best albums of all time, although it won’t be recognized immediately color theory will be a household name! 💗

  30. Juscasbra

    surreal. makes me miss bombing parking garages

  31. Neypan



    Sounding good so far

  33. Inês Candeias

    I absolutely love this. So pure. Thank you for your work. Soccer Mommy 🤟

  34. banana

    thank you queen i love it

  35. Tapuz Gordon

    Really magical shit right here

  36. Kiernan O'shea

    2002's aesthetic

  37. JMVM

    90’s realness

  38. Captain Cook

    ummm this is amazing

  39. le Black Square Productions

    Check my email and get the best news in a while: this music video and a release date for Color Theory. Life is good.

  40. RockOfGreece

    Omg that's one of the best you have ever put out

  41. Ado

    yo whaddup good work atiba!

  42. Rafael Fernandes

    cult avril lavigne

  43. MarsRulez

    Reminds me of Alanis Morissette

  44. liana


  45. Matt DiMona

    90s kids fucking love it

  46. dwr molly


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