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  1. Sensei Nyar

    fuck people who say women on social media arent on recruit mode

  2. NC_FR3AK


  3. micheal oaks

    Get a new account.
    Name it NotDellor and wear a mask when you stream.

  4. Cryptic Oracle

    This man needs to work with other streamers like asmon who have been unhappy with twitch and go and make a platform built by creators for creators

  5. V- STRAP


  6. Seth

    Dunno who this guy is or how this video got into my feed, but after watching I gotta say this seems rather unfair compared to 95% of the other content that gets let through to viewers on twitch. Good luck man.

  7. Kingkex

    Dellor I'm glad you get the help you need and I hope and think that you deserve to be unbanned

  8. Throw Wya

    Don't push yourself, it's okay for you to take your time and get better.

  9. Common Kai

    I don’t know who you are and this just popped up in my Recommendations. Dude. Get better. Stay strong.

  10. progamer

    We all love u dellor! 😊😊😊

  11. d man

    bro youre fucking hilarious, dont stop and keep content creating. you are doing shit that all of us wish we were doing. head up

  12. Entity 301

    Twitch is sexist and they favour female streamers and smh these girl streamers out here practically naked on stream and abusing animals ON PURPOSE and yet good content creators like dellor get banned like twitch really is trying to take the biggest L in 2019 we love you dellor and we will always be there for u

  13. whats poppin

    Lol you a bitch dude. All that shit u done in the past is catching up to you. Now you wanna cry and shit. FOH

  14. Weed Library

    Twitch is garbage

  15. Daniel Yates

    I fully support you bro! This is really inspiring. I have always felt passionate about reducing stigma for mental health so that everyone can feel safe to reach out for help. I am glad your doing this for yourself.

  16. Leandro

    I pretty sure Twitch make you a target after the last incedent with that girl. For Twitch, girls need to be protect at all cost, example of girl not being banned after breaking the rules are countless. When they ban is like 2 day max. Is sad, such a great plataform with a lot of great folks with an amateurs lead.

  17. Lemuel Gonzalez

    Bro I just started watching you almost 2 weeks ago and never once thought that this ban was possible. Seriously ridiculous man. Stick on YouTube brother you’re better here I guess. You’re funny and a good player btw

  18. KVGYT


  19. Innfinit3 YT

    Don’t worry brother we still love you 🙂

  20. xd sxtna

    We love you dellor keep up with the good work man 👍👍

  21. HarryHunter

    unban dellor

    ~Harry 2019

  22. Andrin LP

    we all ove your dellor

  23. Unadvised

    Dellor breaks a keyboard on his head to make his viewers laugh and gets banned for self harm while Alinity harms her cat and shes fine..

  24. Robby Morgan

    delllor your okay just power through

  25. Leekhara Mohamed

    The best option for you is to go to mixer if possible…

    we love u

  26. Arian B

    I didn't know if I should laugh at the montage or cry at the reaction… Poor Dellor❤️

  27. syo mai

    I'm a Japanese listener dellor is interesting so please continue

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