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  2. Forever Young

    Is this guy crazy! China will save the world? It was china that stole from the world. You should probably go live in china, they will love you. We are not going to wind the trade war please. We lose over 600 billions a year with china and we are going to lose the trade war? Please dont open your mouth if you dont know what you are talking about.

  3. Dave Gibbs

    Hong Kong became Hong Kong because of the British not MT-T. The people of Hong Kong have one of the most important financial centers in the world with international importance. His dismissal of Hong Kong says everything. No thank you, Jim.

  4. G B

    And how free are you in CCP compared to the USA?

  5. zxcvbn

    Trump 2020.

  6. Tourdo ops

    Many CIA agents are so angry coz of jim! 😹😆😆😹

  7. Chewy1358

    I wish you would have asked Him about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

  8. Darcy Mcnabb

    The ccp will be destroyed all who support china are traitors and will be dealt with in time .

  9. My name Is him

    "Tell me about Hong Kong",
    Jim: "well, I'm not really paying attention"…but jim knows its going to blow over 🙄🙄

  10. Bonnie

    I see Mr Rogers isn't popular here, wonder why y'all watched. I think he's honest. We shouldn't blame China, "we" want their cheap stuff. I support what Thrumps doing – he just got the mess we handed him. Mr Rogers has excellent points.

  11. Paul Schuyler

    In addition to being a wise investor (and person), he's the splitting image of George Bailey's guardian angel Clarence (Henry Travers) from "It's a Wonderful Life." Same exact voice!

  12. Teacher Mark

    He seems to be 1000% profit oriented. Absolutely no ethics when doing business.

  13. Teacher Mark

    He can’t even pronounce Renmibi correctly.

  14. Babette Thompson

    He sounds like Jimmy Carter and he’s just as evil

  15. 00rphb

    I think there are more opportunities for growth in Denmark than in China

  16. Curt's Clocks - The Atmos Repair Specialist

    I just love the comments, people are awake and hip to the scheme.

  17. Ruud Atlas

    26:05 unelected absurb bureaucrats? Maybe or maybe not absurb bureaucrats, but not unelected. European Parlement is chosen bij the citizens of the EU, al organizations in the EU are chosen by the elected European Parlement or elected national goverments.

  18. Charlie Chan

    It is not about IP being stolen by the Chinese. It is about political control and influence.


    That Dufus reporter didn't even listen….it was said at the beginning of the interview that jim had 2 best selling books in japan

  20. can tho

    Anything coming from this man’s mouth is propaganda for Soros…a globalist.

  21. Coja Kiki

    Nice cut @ 5:59

  22. Henry H Shen

    Jim Roger doesn’t understand the CCP or completely bought by the CCP. CCP is corrupt to the core and is the cancer of the free world. We should not be doing business with communist country. There is no perfect system. However, Compare to China, US is much better from any perspective.

  23. ExtraordinaryLiving

    Huge question: Why does it seem that all the big AMERICAN financial experts interviewed on this channel recently SEEM TO BE PRO mainland CHINA and PRO CCP???

    My speculation: All these big American players in the financial market have had much to gain by supporting the CCP and are hoping to continue to gain with continue their support even though their actions are subverting the American principle of liberty.

  24. Perry Escobar

    Never meant to have trade Agreement it manipulation of stock that's it. Feds is pumping billions into financial institutions every night. Stock buyback is holding up stock

  25. ExtraordinaryLiving

    Ugggh! What a fool this Jim Rogers is … just from what he said in the first two minutes of the vid!!! He obviously is in cahoots with the CCP (or at least has much financial gains working with the CCP.)

    Not wasting my time with this CCP shill!

  26. sushie van

    This co-founder look stressful.

  27. James

    Real Vision Finance should be embarrassed and ashamed for parading this Clown Jim Rogers. Really? Any self-respect and real journalistic attempts this channel had was lost when they showcased this buffoon! Sad.

  28. Fook Seng Loke

    When the US Congress has decided to further decouple with China by lifting the free trade status of Hong Kong. This decoupling will not bode well for the US as the coupled world economy is supporting the global business of US enterprises. Without global coupling who will be on the side of the US when things get undone. Very few countries, as most countries still think a coupled world is a better world. With decoupling of the global supply chain, the US will be similar to be an import substitution economy. But no country benefits from that. India used to have a GDP higher than China’s but keeping to an import substitution economy, India’s GDP slipped to just about 20% of China’s GDP until the last decade when it started keeping pace with China.

  29. Mario Sismar

    Jim Rodger is honest/fair business american citizen and he knows China is the best to do business because of their open free capitalism but the west/US are shouting that China is a dangerous communist/a foreign currency manipulator,invader of any country,interventionist.But the truth the west/US/israel are the real communist country in the world as what Jim Rodger analyzed because their policy of warmongering/trade war/regime change police/the real foreign currency manipulator. Time will come the over printed trillions US dollar per month will become a toilet paper due to no gold guarantee.

  30. Hans Weissman

    My-o-my, Jim must be very successful to be the target of so much negativity here.

  31. Kellen Wong

    He is just being real.

  32. Rick Chung

    O.k,,, USA always winning number 1,, world so big time power…. happy comment.🇺🇸always great,,big deal

  33. malthus101

    I could sit and talk with Jim for hours…

  34. malthus101

    I need to buy Jim a present for Christmas but… I can't quite think what to get him. Any ideas? What does he like?

  35. Spear Shaker

    When the system collapses I can only gain by climbing the ladder of chaos. I have nothing to lose so I can only gain or die trying.

  36. Don Kirk

    Very interesting…wants to buy Venezuela stocks (Latin socialist economy), North Korea stocks (totalitarian socialist economy), and Zimbabwean stocks (Afro-socialist economy). Where the socialist thugs rule by expropriation, Mr. Rogers wants to buy.

  37. yan yan

    few worldly americans, there were more in tramps abroad days, what happened

  38. jay blair

    Soros is a Defendant in ADNAN SAKLI 8217 Court case ?

  39. Ddd Kkk

    China has to many people and little resources, so they should be taken out as soon as possible.***9

  40. K 2

    Just wait if Warren gets elected , they’ll get what they deserve ! It’s just two cents anyway…..

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