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  1. Poopoop Darkmarksonthefloor

    HK is an Ant. China is an Elephant. If they send in the troos the word will probably see china as a stressed little pittbull.

    I bet by bad breath that China will stop on the border and "scare them"

  2. si si

    Go PLA ♥️🇨🇳 kill all those traitors (western puppets) and enemy of Chinese people.

  3. toh veronica


  4. Hakkaishin Goku25

    Instead of all these propagandas, china should directly attack hongkong and face international sanctions.

  5. Acun sulianto

    Good luck

  6. Andrew Manook

    About time.

  7. Pete Buttigieg

    Gossip China 🇨🇳

  8. Guo Francis


  9. 杰王


  10. Patrick A. Crawley

    Secure Hong Kong then the glorious People's Liberation Army can easily bring Taiwan to full unification. One country, One system.

  11. lingo starr

    Useless and unnecessary. Let hk burn.

  12. tenderloin87

    Violent reactions = US cry about human rights. Silent operations = no fake news published. Im hoping the secret service do the jobs, no need for PAPF

  13. Pu ma

    What took you so long ?

  14. itsstans75

    Armoured units are in ShenZhen because the US marines are off the coast of HK

  15. 中兴guanda

    Hong Kong needs a thorough cleaning before restoration.
    The rioters need to be put behind bars, regardless of their numbers and age.
    China has no lack of population, clear the black sheeps to make an example to the world that there should be no tolerance for extremists and violence.

  16. Zhu joe


  17. wishingtree

    if the chinese armed police is act on chinese laws that's good for the people. HK is destroyed by western influence and internal credulous and stupefies young uneducated trash. the west is an evil ideology, white people ruled the world with the murderous regime, genocide and slavery and stole the land of the native nearly 300yrears for . we don't take revenge on them, but they must stop all the evil for the say of white supremacy, win win and fair world for the 21sr century

  18. 杨少


  19. Ram Thapa

    Please enter the Hong Kong apf force

  20. Mo Cuishle


  21. Peng MR

    good job

  22. 明鎯

    不能再让暴徒为所欲为了 太可怕了

  23. The God

    Hong Kong was is and will always be an integral part of China we Indians are with China

  24. legal eagle

    PLA so ready to kill unarmed hong kong students.

  25. Roberto Salas

    O man this just reminded me of that anime tank police 😅 it's about time they take appropriate action against the rioting idiots that don't necessarily even know why they are rioting in ther first place lol.

  26. Amey24 Xxx

    Just go in now, what are you waiting for CHINA ?.?

  27. Nagel

    The Hong Kong people must arm themselves. Get ready for the blood bath.

  28. James Liu

    Those terrorists had it coming.

  29. Joann Du

    Don't be nervous , those trucks are for transporting vegetables

  30. Christopher Law

    Well it looks like as if…….The PLA has entered the chat and decided to come to something with these unlawful protesters.

  31. Donkey Kong

    About time

  32. Nunkhun Gee

    See? They replaced the M3 machine guns with Police lights and sirens.

  33. VibeX MaTxeMa

    they need to pound on the CIA backed rioters in HongKong

  34. Richard Le

    This is the Begining of the end of China ‼️‼️‼️

  35. MrTonybrasil

    Videos show People's Armed Police assembling in Shenzhen apparently for exercises
    The People's Armed Police have been assembling in Shenzhen, a city bordering Hong Kong, in advance of apparent large-scale exercises, videos obtained by the Global Times have shown.

  36. 爷爷

    Raise soldiers for a thousand days, use for a while.

  37. Rotten3ullet

    Oh shit!! Hong Kong here we come.. 😲😨

  38. Kevin Hsu

    Please come asap to save Hongkong, I'm stuck in the airport!!

  39. Fo10 LeCare

    Dear China, defend your beautiful majestic country & your brave and upstanding people. The nazi snake is on the move again. Destroy it.

  40. Atipat12

    Free Hong Kong 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  41. Atipat12


  42. Dan Dam


  43. Veracity North

    Looks more like military forces, not a police force.

  44. Yan Chan

    just leave HK!
    let it burn!

  45. Bo Zhang


  46. William Sanderson

    So, wasn’t the whole point of the protests against China exerting more power over Hong Kong? Now they are mobilizing military forces to intervene against the people’s will. I would also be against the proposed extradition bill.

  47. SAI RAVI

    Ooh, I almost forgot, this is a Chinese news outlet with thousands of Ching Chongs… I’m outta here, don’t have time for Communist propaganda and bullsheet!

  48. Al Kindi Abu Yosef

    Haha 🤣

  49. Curry Body Odor


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