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  1. SvG Sentek


  2. Ciangames 47

    9:45 missed it by that much

  3. Tttt Tttt

    While watching this I got a 14 kill win

  4. Elffi

    play china servers after 10.00pm

  5. XX_swagscopermlgbattlefield_Xx Mega

    1:11 is that a racist comment huh

  6. Joseph Gronemeyer

    According to Lachy every merch drop is the biggest merch drop

  7. Look I am Watching you

    Dude Chinese Fortnite is amazing

  8. Mr BtB165

    How do u get Fortnite China?

  9. Leo Simetin

    England;Drift is rare.

    China:F*** Drift.

  10. La'Rosa Epps

    Lachlan prenton miss u and wants to talk

  11. Leo Simetin

    England:Drift is rare

  12. Z z

    Can you add me on fortnite name zboy810

  13. evolude

    Bots do know how to build ramps

  14. Nadia Venter

    When he smiled and said it was a bot at 5:08 my heart melted

  15. Emerald Dragon

    look at these guys thinking fortnite can create memes xD HAHAHA

  16. Gurkirat Singh

    He said black bling😂

  17. mason ryan

    i need that hoodie ASAP

  18. Alex MacNabb

    What he doesn’t know is that the Chinese are bots IRL…

  19. Sashimi Rollin

    I know chinese maybe I can teach you 😂😂你好it’s mean hello

  20. Shayan 29

    You are a bot yourself lachlan

  21. OG Gaming

    Lachlan: Black Bling

    Snoop Dog: Wat you say to me

  22. Michael Liu

    I'm from China and I play fortnite but my friends in China don't?

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