Spring of Youth – Possible or not?

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Young and longevity master; people who have lived for 256 years

We live in a period of history, and life expectancy of 110 to 125 years is unthinkable. We believe that we are a pioneer in the new world of anti-aging therapy and longevity medicine breakthroughs. We believe that living a longer, better and healthier life is our birthright. Stop the clock; turn back time; we are a culture obsessed with youth. But where is the secret to getting it? The person who has done it will tell you that this is a simple secret – one is mental health, proper diet and deep sleep.

He was rumored to have been born in Chinese herbal medicine in 1677, although he personally stated that he was born in 1736. He practiced martial arts and summed up his longevity formula in one sentence: "Keep calm, sit like a tortoise, walk like a dove, sleep like a dog." 1930, a document dating back to 1827 It shows that the Chinese government has officially congratulated the man on his 150th birthday. Later, in 1877, he once again congratulated him on his 200th place. Li Qingyuan has more than 200 descendants, surviving 23 wives and should consider the eighth wonder of the world. However, he believes that any one of us can be equally wonderful given the right mindset and the right eating habits. As a herbalist, he is said to have sold Ganoderma lucidum, medlar, wild ginseng, He Shou, and other Chinese herbal medicines, and made a living from their diet with rice wine.

For his disciples, he taught the Eight Diagrams Palm and a set of Qigong movements – an exercise that adjusts the body, breathing, and mind to a healthy state, coordinated with specific sounds and dietary recommendations. "My longevity," he said, "he said that this is because I exercise regularly, sincerely and sincerely for 120 years."

A prophet was sent to us to tell us what was possible. When he died in 1933, he only told his followers that he had completed everything he had to do and was ready to "go home."

Through such a story, we show us the science of anti-aging and demonstrate the essential ability of human beings to move toward restrictions and freedom and peace in their lives.

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