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  1. Kaua Felipe

    Cara o jogo parece legal

  2. Izidin Mousstapha

    Jt pleas sekiro song come on

  3. Lom Cia

    Inquisition? Oh, no, Star wars, so similar.

  4. Commander Rex

    "Outsmarted Death, Your'll all that's left i guess they saved the best for last." That's my favorite part of the rap

  5. Anikamp

    Aww u didn't talk about the best character BD-1

  6. Roiskis

    Do 10 hours version of thus song please

  7. Robert Rodriguez

    Amazing song for an amazing game

  8. Aidan Bryant

    What happened to mimicghost/Liam? JT do you know?

  9. DeadStorm

    Does anyone else think that this song would work perfectly if you play it over either injustice game?

  10. Sean Reviews

    This is great Good job

  11. Chad Meredith

    Holy crap! Theyade the little robot buddy (I know that's not his name) sing along at the end of the song! That's one of the best things I've ever heard! Seriously genius!

  12. Verakoo

    JT, Dope song for this amazing game. Am curious to why the "First name Cal, last name El" line obviously a Superman reference just not sure how it fits since his name is Cal Kestus.

  13. off line

    EA don't fuck up respawn entertainment there the only good part of you

  14. rocco Lipari

    Can I just say this is the best rap I have heard

  15. DedFelloe

    Hello there!

    Love this rap! While we're on the space theme please do an Outer Worlds rap! The game is actually incredible and I've been addicted.

  16. Neonshadow44551

    great rap may i use ur music in my videos

  17. dragon God in stars

    Palpatine you're bout to be real pissed of cuze ya missed me bitch
    Me:frekin perfect

  18. Kyle S

    JT wise in your ability to write you are

  19. Alexander Helfman

    Best moment A legacy won't die

  20. Walter Vasquez

    anyone recognize the background music? sounds like one of the assassin creed soundtrack but correct me if im wrong.

  21. The Fast Train

    Do a rap assassin's creed 1

  22. Chaz2410


  23. Cheerful Stitch

    I was never a Star Wars fan but Jt music just made me want to play this game

  24. Monkey D Luffy

    Game Rappers exsit
    JT: Hold my drink

  25. Jonathan Neal

    Other than the game being so short, it was amazing. Exactly what a Star Wars game should be. Keep up the good work JT.

  26. Crystal Johnson

    You are the best 😝😝

  27. michael bily

    Hey are you still making rap stop can you do normal vidos like games vidos you life you get more likes

  28. Henry Thomas

    do a rap challenge with other rap youtube group

  29. Red Mask

    I like to think it's Obi-wan singing the chorus. Because of how he mentions that he is the only one left. Saying to look to the future, how he outsmarted death. How he's the best for last. And you know it goes on

  30. The Shadow

    Put this on Spotify so i can listen to this while playing this game

  31. Łukasz Curyło

    Hello, try to do a rap in Days Gone , please🤣

  32. Tarsila .-.

    Hey! Eh … So are there going to be The Beast Inside Rap?? And I like so much yours Raps!

    Sorry for my bad English, I'm Brazilian!

  33. Jacob rhoney

    JT, can you please make a greedfall rap? That has so much potential!


    Best song

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