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  1. Clayton Roitenberg

    Utah losing Jae is an undervalued thing that’s gonna pop up in the playoffs

  2. Claudio Emetumah


  3. PapiChampagne

    I just can’t wait will someone goes off on molly😒

  4. Gee Lamont

    4:06 😂😂

  5. Patrick Jones

    Stephen A. needs to worry about that hairline, instead of mike

  6. Jamin Glasscox

    Yeah clippers should start with a new stadium theirs a ora that they dont belong at staples

  7. Sparatic

    Clippers fans were warriors fans last year 😂

  8. Toni Toni

    stephen a said “i think that back will give out” … you don’t speak like that, you don’t do that, that’s too negative for me.

  9. Beagle 2k


  10. Yrn Trenton2

    Utah? Pffffftttt this didn't age well. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  11. Marv_bagley Fanpage

    Ugh Steven A you’ve done it again 🤦‍♂️

  12. Hector Diaz

    Video ends at 7:07 thank me later

  13. Alex Hernandez

    When he played I could tell he wasn't move comfortable at all I feel bad bc u can also tell he's a beast

  14. Angel Garcia

    Hyy let’s go Houston🤘🤘💯

  15. Nestor Flores

    Stfup molly

  16. rey buu

    Rockets better then Denver but jokíc is a monster

  17. R MO

    Its the ridiculous vegan diet his parents forced on him… his family is full of D1 or better athletes and there isnt an ACL between any of them anymore

  18. tincup33

    I have no faith in SAS's ability to say anything relevant or intelligent. Screaming your point across is the same as idiots who use all caps during social media rants, it's doesn't make you right, it just makes you look dumb.

  19. BJ Pxlm Tree

    Title of video doesn’t actually start till 2:39….

  20. BJ Pxlm Tree

    I thought Carmelo took the Nuggets to the Conference Finals against Kobe & the Lakers… correct me if I’m wrong

  21. Anthony Levy

    Houston no doubt if they realize Russell isn’t young Westbrook & he matured and establish him as pg and have harden spot up shoot, run ISO’s and have them run pick & rolls. harden can prove he is one of the most innovative shooters in nba history we already know Westbrook is the most Athletic pg ever so both averaging a double double for the season easy along with Gordon,Capela, Tucker, Rivers scary

  22. waffleman

    I don’t either. I hate to say it because I really do believe that can be light skinned Kevin Durant.

  23. Dom Dolaratchi

    That’s fucked up to wish on any athlete despite your likeness of them 🤦🏽‍♂️

  24. Biggie Cheese

    That Utah Memphis comparison was unexpected. But it was probably the best comparison of two teams that i've seen in a while.

  25. djaramillo09

    The Houston Rockets??🤣🤦🏽‍♂️

  26. Waleed Channa

    Man why tf everyone sleep on Portland

  27. Blue Melee

    Hot take: all clippers fans are bandwagons

  28. Chris Parker

    Porter jr has back problems that’s not an light injury I think porter could be a good sixth man or role player

  29. ImtheOne

    Stephen A is right. Houston has the pieces now and if Harden chokes again. You hope Russel can step up.

  30. slade slaya

    Denver will silence the doubters this year as will Utah

  31. Red Vanderbilt

    So… He's going to stay healthy and win ROTY

  32. David Condon

    So it was Mike's fault that Kobe wanted to take 70 a shots a game regardless of when it was or where it was?

  33. laperuse

    Molly, do us a favor and shut your hole…

  34. Alex Peterson

    Who on that memphis team was like Donavan Mitchell?

    Uhh. Who is OJ Mayo for 400!

  35. CAPO100G

    Don’t forget Bol Bol

  36. Joey N.

    Mike Conley really shot 1 for 16 yesterday

  37. Gregory Wesley

    Keep your eyes on the Suns!!!!! The next surprise of the NBA!!!

  38. Samson Chan

    Ppl sleeping on portland smh

  39. Max Crockett

    molly gotta go


    They got bol bol too

  41. Tunechie 3Hunna

    I Really Hope MPJ Prove SAS Wrong ( turn this blue if yall agree )

  42. percy percy

    so Stephen A just gonna spend the entire day bitching about everyone?

  43. Rizalino Laganse Jr

    This guy (SAS) is what makes the sophomores or rookies depressed and doubt themselves

  44. The1stFishBone

    Mike Conley shot 1/16 last night…

  45. Colin Xiong

    Molly is always annoying n loud

  46. My 44 Face-Off

    This new generation gets hurt too fast in the NBA ,,, too many Alien body's 😂

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