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  1. Sonnis Love

    Compliment the person above you! 1… 2… 3… GO 💕

  2. treyshan


  3. treyshan


  4. Amith Malik

    I'm YT stalking you, muhahaha

  5. Kenya Harbor

    I wish you posted more.

  6. Randy Williams

    Thanks very good advice appreciate good sound advice I believe jehovah sent you to help educate us all you so bright young lady understand one self is so true thank you very much

  7. Badasi12b

    Sonnis… With your lil cute self… Lol smdh

  8. armanii naee

    makeup tutorial please 😇

  9. Tristan Hansen

    Do you got gender/body dysphoria?

  10. Amazing Amy

    I'm happy and healthy lol

  11. bigj3422

    Love this and you! Bless you all loves 💕

  12. John Davis

    Good video Sonnis always looking beautiful have a good day.

  13. Markeisha Howard

    I needed this ❤️ thank you

  14. Tela Lopez

    Sooo you’re suggesting something to us that you’ve NEVER tried, because of sponsorship? Ion like that.

  15. Kevin Zeng



    I think being around positive people is a good thing but there are limits, if that person is always overly positive all the time that can be a bad thing for someone who is trying to get into that state because it can just make them think why aren't I that positive, what's wrong with me and my life? It may actually make them regress and go back to old habits ……just sayin, like everything, moderation is key.

  17. Keyshia Floyd


  18. Lamont Goodwin

    Sonnis Love great information we all need sombody we must continue to motivate & Love each other!👍🏿

  19. Princess Nana

    This was well needed.. .thank you Sonnis Love

  20. Ward Anashugak

    Oh my God you are so beautiful and gorgeous and I love it…😎🍀

  21. whatever858323

    You're so beautiful thank you so much for your advice I'm going through a lot and I needed to hear this thank you !

  22. Charlee Lozano

    Everyone is beautiful in their own way. We may not know each other but I love each and every one of you

  23. Addison Lambert

    I really like the way you put it down… You really just helped me out with dealing with stress.. thanks sweetheart..

  24. Miguel Witter


  25. Miguel Witter

    You tell me what you have between your legs your

  26. B4Now

    Thank you sus for this video ❤

  27. amy grant

    should I use a styling milk after a leave in conditioner? or if I mix them would it damage my hair.

  28. Andy Appleseed

    Self L❤️VE is Key

  29. Davonte Williams

    How do you find your medium and what ways do you find value that you can feel confident in without being concieded?

  30. Keisarah Garland

    Everyone is beautiful strong , amazing and you are very much worth so much! Keep moving forward and holding your head up 💘

  31. The Aislin Dream

    I love this video 💯💙

  32. Thank you Sonnis need to hear this
    you are a wonderful lady peace & love to you.

  33. Travis Sanders

    Thinks babe I really needed that❤❤❤❤❤😘😘

  34. The Beautiful World of Quayshawn

    Everyone in this comment section is beautiful just the way they are. Never forget that ❤.

  35. Dana Jones

    Marry me once I win the Powerball or mega millions wink wink

  36. Jesus Ovieda

    Omg I needed this thank you so much ❤️🙏

  37. Aisha Reid

    Such an inspiration 💕

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