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  1. J Britain

    Simone, you are a master in your interview process. You place excellent questions on the line and you are superb at allowing your guest to give their thoughts. You listen and come back with more excellent questions. I will tell you that Mr. Bannon has an immense amount of respect for you. No one can interview him as you do. Smile!

  2. George Scott

    Are they willing to die for what they want? Are we willing to die for what we want? Freedom is worth dying for……. Are you ready to die for what you want?? FREEDOM FREEDOM FREEDOM!! The people in Hong Kong deserve FREEDOM!!!! for at least the next 25 years. as agreed upon by China. Would you like FREEDOM OF CHOICE? Everyone in the world deserves freedom of choice!!!!

  3. sirluke7

    Simone… why no Patreon, Subscribestar, or Paypal to help support your reporting?

  4. Othee Death

    More evidence that pension funds are obnoxious cancerous bollocks.

  5. phil gary


  6. phil gary


  7. Ralph Hernandez

    The CCP are doing what fascist do they could settle this right now peacefully but they don't because they have never stopped being hard liners and I really feel that the USA should have ever given them favored nations status with all thier human rights abuses. Our president could have probably worked something out by now because he is very good but the Democrats in our country are banana heads and are too busy with their currupt actions to actually focus on the real problems of our country and the world and have become ineffective to their duties.

  8. Virgil Thelmo

    What is evil is the CCP, not its people.

  9. Ralph Hernandez

    I support Hong Kong a very brave people.

  10. Ralph Hernandez

    I think we the American people are close to marching on Washington D.C. in a way that will dwarf the Hong Kong protest. I am not putting down thier protest I am just stating that we have a problem with our government for close to the same reasons they are protesting. Our Congress in the House Of Representatives has gone whacko and are not following the rule of law. This is very serious because they want to rule us like the CCP is trying to rule Hong Kong where the people don't matter to them and if they disagree they can trump up a false charge and throw us in jail. They want to do that with a President we elected and it does not hold water with the people.

  11. Ralph Hernandez

    Yea we should now boycott the NBA. If they think that they are okay with China opposition than go play over There and see if they will pay them and treat them like we do here…

  12. Maldrannon

    Too bad it will never happen because the capitalists in the US are greedy fuckers and want access to the Chinese Market. As a result they'll bow to every whim and wish of the CCP and the CCP KNOWS that. Moral cowardice isn't the reason that companies and corporations in the US are bowing down to the CCP… It's GREED that makes them bow. They are greedy fucking assholes and will happily sell out any and all principles for a few extra shekels. The CCP is holding its market as leverage over the US based Corporations who will apply pressure via their lobbyists in Washington to play soft ball with the CCP so that they can keep their lucrative market access.

    Call these fuckers what they are, call them what they have become. They are the manifestation of every offensive caricature created as an insult to Capitalism. Fat, greedy, vampiric, globalist trash with no principles at all… Nothing sacred except wealth.

    They'd sell the entire USA to the CCP TOMORROW if they thought they'd end up fatter and wealthier from the sale. They don't care about anything except their bank account. And why should they? We've learned already from Hillary, Soros and other Elites that as long as you have enough money (power) you are practically untouchable.

    They'll burn down the world they inherited and they won't care, because they'll be made richer than God in the process and at that point, do they really even live in the same planet as the common man?

    What we are bearing witness to are the weaknesses of a free Capitalist system when it confronts an economic power that can rival itself in terms of market size and that is willing to use authoritarian measures to employ that market as a weapon. Surprise, surprise, when you make wealth (capital generation) your supreme principle every other principle is put up for sale.

    We the American people have to do more to DEMAND that companies based here in the US, companies that want to continue to operate here in the US… They serve our causes and they abide by our principles or they can gtfo and go have fun with the CCP, their days of doing business in the US are done. Companies can't be trusted to do the right thing when the right thing hurts their profit margins… Oh sure they'll donate to charity for a PR stunt and a tax break, they'll pretend to care to drive up their public image, but when it comes time to make a TRUE sacrifice for principle… Forget it. They'll show themselves as the miserable wretches they are.

  13. Nayan Mipun

    The CCP should have been dismantled in the 1 st tinamein massacre

  14. Mark Conway

    Actually seeing mainlanders in Australia speaking up , although they have to remain covered through fear of the CCCP.


    Onesided and biased reports on Hong Kong and China. White-washed host.

  16. Normandie Viking

    So if the CCP collapses will that mean the Chinese invasion of Australia will be reversed and we can take back our true Western culture ?



  18. Reinulus Aurelius

    Let's hope we decouple!!!

  19. Kilnmaster

    I have no economics degree. I only have business sense. And just closed my business in china. China and its majority of citizens are idiots and robots. Zombies might be a better definition. They will fall. Guaranteed if they keep uo their facade with the west. They are nothing for 7900 years until the west got involved with these pea brains. They are nothing

  20. Paul Ross

    Love this channel

  21. Kilnmaster

    He is as usual 100% correct. He is the Christopher Hutchins of the economics.

  22. Steve O

    The situation that just happened with the NBA needed to happen and couldn't have come at a better time. The majority of American people don't realize that Beijing has been engaged in a covert economic war against us and using their economic power to silence and punish its critics when the CCP takes issue with something.

  23. H L

    Love you Simmone.

  24. Michele Lyn

    Yea cause everyone has co tracts mo eys been paid and alot of stuff is made in china they get pushed to china cause of our regulation and taxes then when they are obligated u want them to wipe out their whole bramd???

  25. Lung Dong

    I will Never watch Houston Rockets. The Rockets 🚀 are like, a cheap Chinese Dud rocket. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0.

  26. Judicial Viking

    ~ Michelangelo Voice ~ MMMMM I'm in loooove! Heeheee. New listener and look forward to hearing this. 😀

  27. Steve C

    Another eyeopening interview. Thanks Simone.

  28. michael slater

    Make it so….

  29. Mister K

    BANNON 2024!!!

  30. James Wang

    70years before China never couple with US, and CCP was born.

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