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  1. The Mythbuster

    That is up to TRUMP anymore.
    Unless he lift all the tariff, there won't be a trade deal.
    China don't give a damn.
    It's PMI is the Service Sector is all time high at 53.1% , Export to USA is only 15% Export to Africa went up more than 10%.
    Seriously nobody in the street in China seems to be concerned about the Trade War apart from the Americans themselves. 🤔🤐🤐

  2. William H.

    China will wait until after the election hoping we come to our senses and throw the current office holder out. Smart move. We had better beware, China holds a huge amount of our treasury bonds and can call them in. If they do, they may lose money, but they will tank the US economy big time!

  3. Young Jihadist

    After the election, you are not the president anymore.

  4. Adam

    Another international embarrassment

  5. Senior Local Guide

    Anything to blame Trump… LOL… The Fake News Media are Drama Queens… the Stock Marcket is on fire… It went down a bit today… It'll go back up again.. A LOT… Thank You, President Trump…

  6. yingbo zhang


  7. Andrea Rust

    Donald Trump is our enemy no. one  .- not China.  China will rise or distroy the world. Nobody can stop them, even not america. You will sea. China is the future of modern life.

  8. Wok Gees

    Benjamin Netanyahu Indicted For Bribery And Fraud

  9. Xtatic


  10. Michel laust der Affe

    Trump is the worse president the USA ever got! So sad for this great country!

  11. unclelou67

    Because he's a f**** criminal

  12. Ryaken

    Hey conservatives, stop being so self destructive and don't vote this big oaf into office next term.

  13. Schrodinger's Cat

    this is a trivial move in the market, its nothing compared to this time last year

  14. keith mckenzie

    Stock market you people don't know anything about what you preach the the stock market has been the highest it's ever been it is 10000 points higher than it was seven years ago how could you say the stock market's down. You people couldn't even balance a checking account with a calculator

  15. EOJ G

    *Yawn*. Trump is awesome. Good luck with your hysteria. We love our President and will take 2020 with the house easy peasy. Keep trying EYE

  16. Gio

    All news is fake news.

  17. Zendi Zong

    All we hear from Trump is going up and down and then the next day flip flop. And then he'll say I don't remember saying that. LMAO!

  18. Jeffrey Nguyen

    America is way over due for clean house: P/V POTUS, WH, DOJ, State Department & GOP – all must go… such an embarrassment & dark period for American people & history. God bless America.

  19. Red Wave

    F the Left!

  20. Michael Metzener

    I tired of hearing the opinionated propagandists speculating on everything.

  21. Otto Nicator


    I woke up and everyone was dead? I took a nap under a tree and woke up, and everyone was dead?

  22. Cassidy S

    Trump playing politic like his businesses, end up offending everyone.

  23. Big B Kenobi

    Trump is an Imbicile, and the world knows it.

  24. Patrick Powers

    I personally wanna thank China for all they do for us.

  25. jaker steel peter

    His cronies make big money from insider trade!

  26. Arlene Skyers

    Trump look sick and he doesn’t reach jail yet

  27. Max Barrett

    Not True …CBS ..The president is in no big hurry because this deal is all about China's future on the world stage trade market and he wants them to think long and hard about what is at stake if they don’t cone to the table..There decission to stall out is slowly bankrupting them and time is the number 1 factor here.. as it will be much worse for them if they don’t act promptly .. meaning time is on the president side as the longer they wait the worst it will be for them .. time will tell if they lose 30 years of progress with there past negotiations and it will return them to a post world war II economy to be followed by a full blown Recession and according to a friend of mine who works for Nike analytics ..states that the Nike company within China is history if a deal is not reached with the US ..The only power that puts China on the world stage is there International trade.. take this away and their economy will plummet to a likes of a 3rd world country.. like the spider sitting on the side of his web DJTrump positions himself to move in for the feast. eating up allot of manufacturers jobs and moving there businesses to the US and some are already here or making arrangements to relocated here or somewhere else as they know one fact… if no deal is reached there corporations will no longer be able to compete on the world stage… so to make it perfectly clear in this post CBS is dead wrong about the timeline on a trade deal with China and if they think for one minute that DJTrump will settle for a" China First Deal" then they had better go back to the think tank..because if they don’t …they will face a disaster dating back to post world was II .. a little known fact ..CBS has joined the deep state to overthrow the current government in hopes of ushering in a Global government that will put their broadcast station on the world stage..They are the enemy my fellow American and if they get there dream ..your days of owning a device to protect your family are over..your boarders will be torn down and your days of free speech are also over ..your children will become the property of the government and the schools will be under there total control stripped of any copies of a constitution ..don’t take my word of this information ..you can read for yourself in the public domain here http://www.agenda21.com or http://www.NWO.com down go’s DJTrump / down go’s your only friend in the WH working 24/7 to save your constitution.

  28. o I c u 812

    TRUMP is a genius.

  29. Sierra Guru

    He's going to let the trade war go until after the election. That way someone else can be blamed for one of his epic fails.

  30. M George

    News Flash! Markets go up AND down.
    Fake news is here to stay, right CBS?

  31. Greg Souza

    It's called a PONZI scheme silly,goverment injecting QE,feds lowering intrest rates,you don't do that unless the economy is in trouble.GDP is maybe in the 2'S.on a good quarter.There is bigger problems that meet the eye.Goverment is in denial.

  32. jimbosliceOG

    Ummmm except it just hit another all-time high under his administration. How many dozens of time has the stock market hit record high since he was elected? I swear mainstream media is so dishonest. Omitting facts is a shameful tactic. Do better.

  33. James Vollan

    Trump has no idea what will happen and when. Trump throws some bull out and the investors only get the bull chips instead of facts. China can outlast Trump and in the end hand Trump a bigly defeat.

  34. jarrod goforth

    Can't wait for this idiotic President to embarrass us all tomorrow at the meeting

  35. Boyd Gilbreath

    The stock market is fake like trumpy.What trumpy means is that a new President will start to mend the destruction he has wrought upon the world economy.

  36. dragondescendant1

    Trump will not have trade deal with China, Trump is not going to win the trade war with China, China simply ignore trump just like Mexico ignore trump's border wall, North Korea ignore trump's denuclearization in their country, the world ignore trump's advocation of banning Huawei technology, world powers ignore Trump's banning Iran treaty……..……………the world will move on without Trump and United States.

  37. Jsmes Wagner

    Omg this is the first time they ever fluctuated.

  38. Magnetron33

    Isn't that why dipshit opens his piehole? Money to be made on his comments? Who voted for DA? SEC probabl;y should look into his market manipulation.

  39. Michael Previs

    He will come out tomorrow and say he was just joking

  40. Perro Pulgoso


  41. Phillip Dinan


  42. Thomas Patrick Parker

    You people are fearmongers. The stock market goes up and down all of the time, its the news media that manufactures economic crises.

  43. SHADOW OF Despair Light


  44. Mine Finder

    Looks like the desperate liberal media is trying to drown out the sick pedophile comments made by presidential candidate Joe Biden. It won't work.

  45. Tim Kielisek

    The great bussiness man uses the wrong stage and the wrong words to make stupidity a virtue. Impeach! MAKE AMERICA SANE AGAIN !

  46. Yogui 1028

    Con Trump has nothing to worried about, He have millions & millions of dollars and a few more millions of Trumptards supporting him, of course Trumptards don't mind either they don't know was going on. Snowflakes.



  48. urbanimage

    Now now, Trumpers lets not forget that trade wars are easy to win 8–)

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