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  1. ciel222

    GREAT DISCUSSION, and Karamo Iam very proud of you , you are doing a GREAT JOB in this world.

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  3. suheyla afra

    Suicidal ideation:
    Suicidal thoughts become our escapism, our comfort. It’s a way out.

  4. suheyla afra

    Gayle is so cute when she gets excited and passionate. 🐻

  5. Fleur Bandito

    This is a healthcare issue. Many people don't have insurance and can't afford treatment.

  6. Kellie Hickman

    This is critical. Also, quit telling people to just "go to your pastor"…you don't go to a mechanic for legal issues and you don't go to a lawyer for car issues! Not only do we have to destigmatize mental health issues, we also have to destigmatize getting real help for them.

  7. chizplayaz

    This is a perfect example of why the suicide rate in the black community especially among black men is on the rise. There was no mention of institutional racism or the obstacles that we uniquely face and the one black male that was given a chance to speak spoke about mental illness from a gay man’s perspective, not a black man’s perspective and i’m sure thats the reason why he was chosen to be there.
    Brother’s we are really on our own out here. The sooner you realize and accept that the better off you’ll be. Help is not coming from anywhere or anyone else but yourself.

  8. klwarren169

    Being an AA I enough mental illness to carry around, Period.

  9. Don Dodda

    I can relate. I had mental health issues especially right after high school. Dealing with racism and white supremacy when I was a teenager drove me crazy because I didn't understand it.

  10. shangla hobson

    I want need help on combating police brutality when it comes to mentally ill people. My brother was tased to DEATH after his mom called police for assistance and they kicked the door down and to his bedroom after he wouldn’t open his door, handcuffed him even though he was not a threat. Just 6’4” 250lbs and Black. Then other cops came in joining in on the tasing until he had no brain activity and died for 4minutes. He just came to 2 days later after being on life support and Austin Police in Texas haven’t offered any empathy, nor an apology or an explanation for their actions! His name is Ron Kinnison and WE WANT JUSTICE!! Thank you. Please help us by making this PUBLIC, we just lost Atatiana Jefferson in Fort Worth in a well call from Fort Worth PD now this😢😢😢😢

  11. Vile Crocodile

    Reopen the asylums

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