Stop using the wrong Feng Shui Valley!

My task is to stop you from using WRONG BAGUA / pakwa pakua. Yes, some people are misled. I am working on this video and hope to guide you back on track.
Don't be misled by a few people every Tuesday on my Facebook page, Feng Shui and Prosper, please visit www.facebook.com/fengshuiandprosper, 1 pm EST!

Feng Shui and Prosper show you how to feng shui in the right way so that you can finally attract more love and money. No more "fast food" feng shui makes you feel that you are doing feng shui – but you really are not! As the sixth generation of disciples of Fengyang Wuyang College, I think I know one or two things, that is, to activate your money and love corners correctly, I want to help you do this! I will play a video with tips and tricks every week to help you analyze, so if you don't already have one, subscribe now so you don't miss a thing!

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  1. AO Sanchez

    By the way this video was very helpful! Thank you again.

  2. AO Sanchez

    You should become a teacher online so people are open to the correct way of Feng Shui. Enlighten us, I would love to learn.
    Thank you!

  3. Mike Smith

    Does that fast food bagau come with an order of fries? 😀 Great videos, thanks! This reminds me of holisitic medicine. We call fast food holistic medicine green allopathy – treating symptoms with natural remedies but yet not addressing the underlying cause. You see it everywhere online. The real medicine isn't found online – other than sparse articles that people may write that are worthy. And these PT's and MD's thinking they know acupuncture after going to a weekend course? That's even more absurd.

  4. Rosanna-Angela Rosanna

    Firstly I must say that I just stumbled upon you, looking for general feng shui information. Secondly if you don’t mind me saying you are beautiful. Thirdly I am slightly confused with the family aspects, I am a single parent, so the patriarch position is irrelevant, I have 4 children my eldest is a son who is married with children and has left home, am I assuming correctly that he will now not be relevant to my house hold? I would also like to ask about my three daughters…the eldest is 18 yrs old, and the other 2 are twins who are 17…how do they factor being the same age and over 14 years old? I hope you don’t mind me asking. I am desperate to sort my home out, I have recently moved to this property and need to optimise my life and for the past 7 months we are struggling financially and with poor luck. Hope you or anyone can help. I need to know how to do the combinations !!! 😊❣️💖👍🏽👍🏽

  5. olga Rico

    i use the square bagua is it the same thing?

  6. Lazarus Live

    I have read 4 books on feng shui, 3 on western, used it to the T and saw not one improvement in any way. Specifically 'The Western Guide to Feng shui'.
    I just read my first Classical Feng shui book and applied what I learned to my office, which wasn't a lot because the section on Flying a Chart was very poorly written. But even these few things have made a HUGE difference in my finances. Using western Bagua I had my chair facing the worst possible direction for me. Literally immediately after I re did my office I started getting walk in after walk in. I definitely do know that classical feng shui is extremely complex and personal. I'm absolutely fascinated by it. I'm a professional Astrologer, matchmaker and Health Coach. I would LOVE to get classically trained in Feng Shui.
    A green adult bedroom… way to kill all of the passion.

    What if your father had a daughter before you with someone else and then had you with a new woman and you were her first born? Would that make me a middle daughter or oldest? I'm 35, single, no kids.

  7. Money Saving Melingtons

    I thinking of doing the 2019 course and live in Australia, does that change the map?

  8. Ashley

    Hello and thank you for the tips!
    I am buying an apartment which was previously a house. when you are identifying the period of the house, do i need to go back to the original build date of the previous house? or should i use the year in which it has had had major structure renovation?

  9. 8888mystic

    Thank you. I lost a lot of money with western feng shui. The money dried up in my house because of it. I had to remove every adjustments and then the money slowly started to come back into the house. I have never been so angry.

  10. Jo Tidwell

    Love this video Safrina ❤️ Packed full of important information. Thank you!🌺

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