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  1. Erin Carr

    You are my favorite motivator! Thanks for the 💩 jokes

  2. Jessie

    Donut bong had me weak, that was funny!

  3. Lightworker Support

    Love it. Funny. Brilliant, cool and a little more than right. 😊

  4. EZ Dee

    When you made the poop joke there was a poop-shaped tree behind you.

  5. EZ Dee


  6. Ben Aaron

    I hope you had a good Thanksgiving, Craig.

  7. Chantal Ward

    Lol I love that Dark Wing Duck reference. I recently resurrected that from the recesses of my subconscious and started watching it, too.

  8. Dracenea

    Have I told you lately that I love you?

  9. Karyn McDonald

    I'm watching this video while eating my 2nd piece of pumpkin pie…for breakfast. I'm hopeless.

  10. Анастасия Власова

    I use your tips for regular life. It seems like precisely everything barges into my life and ruins my routine. Did daughter poop on the carpet? Yeah, let's have a doughnut! Out of food in the fridge? Let's have a doughnut! Parents will come in the holidays? Two doughnuts on my plate, please… It seems I should drink more water. And stay far away from food. Constantly.

  11. David Caballero

    Dont eat for two days before thanksgiving and pig out that day works for me every time

  12. PogieJoe

    What's Wheezy's favorite Thanksgiving food?
    Cranbeard-y sauce

  13. MrJuakoHawk

    now do this video but for picky eaters 🙁

  14. Ján Kravárik

    Love this video. I like your Self-clone!

  15. Just Say No to Pseudoscience

    Make a list. Life is short for long, rambling, boring videos.

  16. Makaro Makaro

    HEY WEEZY…. try keto

  17. Steve Turtle

    Watched the whole video. Nope! I'm going to over indulge! Have a happy and festive Thanksgiving!

  18. Sherry Vogel

    PS. Praying for your mom and her donut bong addiction 😊

  19. Sherry Vogel

    Another dude bites the food😂. What do ya bet I actually think this today, laugh out loud and then have to explain why?🤷🏻‍♀️

  20. iftlatlw

    the best way to be healthy on hilidays is to avoid your family. cortisol levels get low!

  21. Seth Malakian

    You're one of the funniest…. idk why I feel you should have a series or movie

  22. Kevin Doherty

    over indulged on accident… derp HAAAA HAAA

  23. innertidia

    yeah if you saw my dinners

  24. Henrik Wilson

    Clones and aunt Judy 😄 Hello again, classic Wheezy!

  25. L A

    Just wanted to say that we used your Daily Harvest code back when we saw the vegan episode and the Harvest Bowls have been game changers for us! They're healthy, tasty, AND easy… the perfect combination for lazy people who want to not be fat. So thank you!

  26. Redheaded Stranger

    It’s 8° outside. … Walk?

  27. Steve & Friends

    I’m so glad this channel exists. You make boring generic topics soooo entertaining, funny, and personal. Great video (as always)

  28. Melissa Stanton

    Your so funny. Glad I found your channel.

  29. Username

    Was that a Fred reference?

  30. Aniko Murray

    Sound advice 😆👍

  31. Mrfoxxer

    Why do you guys celebrate the murder of the native americans?

  32. Elise Zimmerman

    This had be laughing out loud in my office. Thanks for providing some useful info for the holiday while keeping it funny and interesting!

  33. Danielle Cade

    Humans are garbage and we like to eat garbage

  34. CoderShare

    The trick is to just eat whatever you want on Thanksgiving. It's one of few days out of the year you're allowed to be gluttonous to the max.

  35. Francesca BonBon

    Now I really want to try a donut-bong 🍩

  36. audiobooks

    I died from the overeating scene

  37. audiobooks


  38. BoxBeater

    americans must be the only people who add marshmallows and sugar to sweet potato.. one of the weirdest ways to make something already sweet and delicious utterly disgusting

  39. Linnea

    I like nr 6 the best. That was really good advice.

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