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  1. Randy Le

    Ive lost 40lbs in last 3 years of intermittent fasting. Its the true lifestyle for everybody . Why are most americans obese. Its because breakfast lunch and dinner doesnt like your body take a break from breaking down food .when your body doesnt use energy to break down food it can recycle dead old cells . Look up autopahgy 2016 noble peace prize winner

  2. James Logsdon

    Wow, what a quack. To get better info on fasting listing to Jason Fung, Sten Ekburg, Berg, or Boz, or many others. She does not know what she is talking about and spews nonsense.

  3. G Fleming

    This was a worthless interview and that doctor is an idiot. She knows nothing about fasting. They should have interviewed some experts on the subject such as Jason Fung or Valter Longo.

    Also, true fasting means only consuming water during however many hours you abstain from food. If you consume any calories you are not fasting but starving yourself. Our bodies are perfectly adapted to not only handling but thriving through periods of no food.

  4. Clifton Parchment

    If I had a $ for every diet. Enjoy your life, we all gonna die-t one day

  5. Jono Santxo

    I'm fasting rn guys so take the In-N-Out to your rooms please. Thank you😔

  6. Anthony Bove

    Animal proteins are hard to digest. Plant-based programs are easy to digest and healthy for the body. White sugar creates cell degradation. These are cancer-causing agents. Including red meat eat smaller portions are better for the body.

  7. DJ Milez

    Good thing I started a 36 hour fast for the past 3 weeks now!

  8. I Rate Your Comments

    I usually skip at least one day a week.

  9. nosuchthing8

    Why don't doctors get off their butts and come up with a cure. We have known about the dangers since the ancient Greeks. Yeesh.

  10. nosuchthing8

    Great, we should all lose our jobs via passing out because of fasting. NEXT!!!!

  11. Damiwright O.

    Crazy. You fast when your doctor tells you to but your creator told you thousands of years before now, you refused.


    Wait… So Ramadan doesn't exist anymore?

  13. Arthur Vera

    So the government, and doctors have been lying forever. Makes sense they get paid to keep people sick.

  14. Not_TryHardDah

    i already do this in school

  15. Anton Jones

    I lost weight, but I also combined it with regular workouts


    i fasted for 30 days once…..Gatorade…and chicken broth only………………..lost 20 pounds and nearly died……………its amazing what food poisoning can do for you.

  17. freudsigmund72

    I can speak from experience that the ADF had no negative effects, caused me to loose 16 kg in 6 weeks and had a positive effect in the overall desire for food after the 6 weeks period getting a "full" sensation after eating way less than what i did prior.
    (for reference on the 'fasting days I ate about 250 grams in a 36 hour period to be able to function normally at work)

  18. I need 1000 subs

    Zomg not eating causes weight loss? WOW SUCH NEWS

  19. Nick

    Only eat lunch and dinner, sometimes only dinner. Keep my portion size down, eat the same thing every day, and no fast food. Try to limit my salt, sugar, and sodium intake. My days off are bad though, mostly only do dinner then.

  20. Marc Atteberry

    I have lived this way for years. I am 52. I lost my gut, and feel great. It also eats up cancer cells, when there is little food in system, also damaged cells..

  21. Uner Lew

    To make it doable. Its been doable people have been doing it. Cbs is sooo late. I been fasting for years.

  22. JD GA

    I fasted 23/1 only ate 300 calories everyday for 4 month's and added more calories to 600 calories and till month 7 I lost 68 lb you loose but the body gonna hang if you don't add workout the lab checked on me they were amazed from before doing this that blood sugar and all bad stuff gone and was perfect


    Obesity is not only the #1 cause of death in the US but also the single largest contributor to healthcare costs…. and carbon footprint…

  24. David Lulasa

    eat junkiest food

  25. Hugh Jackson

    You would need to eat a lot for 12 hours, then stop eating for the next 36 hours. I have been able to lose weight by doing that. But it's much hard for me to lose weight if I keep my calorie consumption under 2,000 every day even if I eat only healthy food.

  26. Judy

    I'm hypoglycemic if I miss a meal my blood sugar drops so much I get weak and shaky. And I am not diabetic and I eat very little sugar because I rebound.I have to eat a small amt of food more frequently to even maintain a tolerable blood sugar level. Protein, complex carbohydrates,fruits and vegetables. I cannot fast I would die.

  27. K P

    I Fast for 17 hrs since I was a kid. Lunch and dinner only

  28. Edith Coleman

    They lost weight but after fasting you’re going back from where you started! Portion control🤓

  29. Stephen

    That’s a damn lie,

  30. Rueben Aragon

    Starving yourself is not healthy, call it whatever you want

  31. RussiaNukesAmerica3

    World heath info is coming from eugenicists, they want u dead, research the " Georgia Guidestones ", the plan to reduce Earth's 7,000,000,000 population to a mere 500,000,000.

  32. Alex Sikar

    Crazy thing is, I did this earlier this week simply to aid clearing my head

  33. Chug-A-Lug Doug

    Google sugar industry paid Harvard researchers $50,000 in the 1960’s. If you arent aware of it, 34 million people in the United States have diabetes with another 84 million who are pre-diabetic. Its called population control. Intermittent fasting is the only way to reverse type 2 diabetes and add years to your life span.

  34. Musically Inclined

    What about nutrition? People focus on weight loss but what about the health of the person?

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