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  1. Pinkie Banana

    For me it's sounds I bit creepy tho…

  2. adrian keen

    finished my homework boys

  3. adrian keen

    well I shouuuuld be doing my homework, nahhh ill do it at 3

  4. Music - GACHA LIFE

    Here’s my our stopping point! Stop scrolling and continue your homework! The more you do the better you’ll get! Go grab a snack and drink, go to the bathroom, or whatever you need to do! But make sure you do it! ✊

  5. Peter Griffin

    who else is just reading through the comments knowing they should be studying?

  6. vivalessio

    When you use the music for gaming and not to study

  7. The happy EARTH!!!

    this song is making me cry like if u agree


    This idiot are u mad the first one is a sad music and so I hate this channel idiot what type of music is this huh lol lol lol

  9. Eliska Musson


  10. myemathtutor

    Excellent choice 🙂

  11. Tanushree Rana

    Is this by any chance the longest video posted on YouTube!??

  12. KNOWLEDGE বাংলা


  13. negralinda805

    Ultrasound Physics sent me here 😭

  14. Detrimite

    Doing addition for college

  15. Detrimite

    The first music is fir my grades

  16. Karina Rybinska

    I'll rather fall asleep instead of studying

  17. Ni Ke


  18. aaliyahaijaz _

    don't they use the first music for depressed movies/vids?
    wtf? im stressed now

  19. aaliyahaijaz _

    why is this video giving me more anxiety and puzzlement 🙂

  20. Susmith Kumar

    sounds sad

  21. Laura Carvalh0

    então foi daqui que tiraram aquela música triste hummm, tinha que ser sobre matemática KKKKKKKKKKKKKK

  22. الشاعر محمد التميمي

    Music yas good

  23. Isaac Phillips

    Studying for Aleks Math Placement for my first year at Morehouse 2019. 😀


    هل من شخص عربي هنا 👩‍🏫😻🤓

  25. Priya Subba

    I have exms tommorrow pray for me to score good marks in my exm I don't know why I'm here writing a comment like this😂😂

  26. MyNames Chelsea

    I have to study for a test tom and this is how I feel .


    Guys dont waste time in reading comments and just focus on studying😁😀

  28. el massari mouad

    I didn't pass the exams well and now i feel so lost and regretful
    And even more bleak mind sad exhausted and Sad really really Sad and i don't friends to talk to…no one :'/
    I feel lonely and dizzy and weak like a loser
    What do i even live for…i feel so empty Q_Q

  29. wan wan

    This music make you feel sad while studying a big no to this!

  30. Yi Yang

    fuck maths

  31. Bam Bam Galfano

    This music is so calming.

  32. Omar Tarek

    I have the end of the year math exam tomorrow wish me best lucks plz

  33. Idol Fairy

    I have to do over 60 math lessons in a week. Hopefully this music will help me become a math genius.

  34. Katy's TV

    Exams 2k19 greece😰 it helped me

  35. Sarah Ramjitsingh

    Thank god for this, man do i get frustrated in math. But this kept me calm and able to focus and not be watching Karina Garcia lol. btw this music is good for meditating and sleeping

  36. Jose Lopez Perez


  37. ANIKESH Sanmotra

    This music insist me to cry…….instead of doing study…..😭😭

  38. Alessandro Benzi

    Just sleeping

  39. Bima Banana

    Pray me for math exam

  40. David K

    this is the music you listen to when you just learned that your entire family has been murdered and you need to spend a few hours crying and reminiscing before you start acquiring weapons and training for the suicide revenge mission

  41. overjee

    The music is a nice version of how I'm screaming inside my head trying to figure out my math problems

  42. Alan

    I was doing math homework while I was listening to this music. I thought a lot of things, I felt like I’m dying. Really like this music!

  43. tecnical study

    It is not true yes or no

  44. Kijina Kkockarka

    mental abuse to humans

  45. jana

    it’s 12 am and i haven’t studied anything,please pray if you see this🤧💞

  46. It's the fox!

    Thats something to make you suicidal not study math lol

  47. ACE-AwesomeTyson10

    Who else is in a class working well listening to this?

  48. Rohit Verma

    this shit is bad like a b*

  49. Xd brb

    This is as sad like my deapresion😂

  50. ᄋji

    It works

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