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  1. Be Bich-i

    I know dancing is not all about power. It is how you blend with the music and harmonize with your members (if you are in a group). But look at the older members they seem hardly memorize the dance kkkk… Leeteuk Yesung fighting!

  2. 카스트로cChHhAaA

    Why do I see Aizawa on Yesung?? AHAHHSHHSHAHSHA

  3. Farah Amalia

    Shindong 💙💙💙 I can’t keep my eyes off him 😍😍😍

  4. asriani nn

    Yesung 💜 the best

  5. N e t s a n e t

    Super Junior never fail to impress me 😔✊💖 As well as then having fun preforming I swear

  6. Lunyta Garcia


  7. Sofia Soto

    Me encantan !!

  8. Галя Мимуро

    KINGS is BACK !!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  9. acanyanyan yan

    Miss Kim heechul

  10. 15foreversuju

    Help me leeteuk look like the kewpie mayonnaise pckage

  11. Nicole Song

    Why can't they do mature concepts?

  12. Jhitch Mhi

    Why is heechul not there?

  13. Ngọc Bích Phạm


  14. Adlina Fauziah

    Kenapa kelihatan banget disparitas kemampuan dance nya XD Wkwkwkwk. Terus kok ketukannya aneh ya, jadi gerakan dan musik agak ga masuk XD. Anyway, fighting ya Oppa-oppa!!

  15. Divya K

    Yesung is really good looking 😘

  16. Damaniktriani Surianta


  17. Elfo Saudi10

    يارب نفوز

  18. Jeriah Bautista

    Imagine cutie Heechul dancing this <3 but yes, your health is more important…. we miss you Heechul! Be healthy!!!!

  19. ChangYun

    Legends <3 Love u forever. fr. Philippines <3

  20. Beya A.


  21. KPop Is life

    Idk y but when they do that circular hop I think it’s so freaking cute! I seriously love watching them!

  22. KPop Is life

    I think I
    I think I
    I think I love the vocals
    I think I
    I think I
    I think I love the choreography
    I think I
    I think I
    I think I love the the visuals
    I think I
    I think I

  23. Maya Fd

    Hhh siwon's face 6:00 😂😂

  24. carolina barrios

    Bravo, Bravo Super Reyes. Super Junior.

  25. Dini Amalina

    There are 3 videos comeback at mubank.. which one that will count as additional point for them?

  26. bumkeyk 230991

    I wasn't even alive when they debut but here i am, shouting like it's a concert.

  27. suwanun boonprasan

    คิดถึงมากๆค่ะ รักเหมือนเดิม

  28. Keila López

    Wow wow

  29. bonzi xi

    Legends like them don’t need a trophy, don’t care about winning.. they just care about their fans who waited for a long time to see them performing together.. ❣️❣️❣️

  30. Brian Emanuel

    Why they are didnt comeback at mnet ??

  31. Lari mink

    Amo el pasito matador de Kyuhyun

  32. Lari mink

    Mis viejos chulos jaja

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