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  1. BurrShotHam711 [Jenna]

    41 people got lost in the forest

  2. 又小雨之冬晴

    Bfb worst to best led me here

  3. The haker gang

    i just found it

  4. Just a kid with a hat

    Ah, the good old song. I remember this from my playthrough, though sadly I gave up…

  5. Bowski Szu

    pracuje ciągle robię za trzech robię pieniądze

  6. D B

    This is in C# minor

  7. Denis Gerardo Delgado Delgado El salvador

    Quisiera que pudiera descargar la música

  8. Ted Hendershot

    ♫ here in my crystal kingdom ♫

  9. ElManguitoo


  10. DantheFoxman Gaming

    I am in the forest, walking around
    But my friend Geno cannot be found
    I've been looking up, and I've been looking down
    And there's no sign of that blue ass-clown

    He was once a doll, but now he lives
    Life out of nowhere, so hey, what gives?
    I have heard the monsters in here can be hell
    Will Mr. Blue Sky be fine by himself?

    I got a mushroom
    Whoop de doo
    Key change for the win

    When I find that man, I've got to say
    His PK Starstorm was not so yay
    Laid up in the bed with a bump on my head
    It's quite a wonder that I'm not brain dead

    I'm a little bitter, yes, it may seem
    But rather than scream, I've got to find him
    Now I could not tell you whether I'm going to
    Get my revenge, or will I help him out?
    Think I'll help him

    But I've got to find him in this maze
    It's worse than swimming through mayonnaise
    Much as I'd love stopping to make bouquets
    Must find his wooden ass before he decays, yeah!


  11. mostly ghostly

    i was looking for this for EVER

  12. Fluffy

    Nintendo stole from Griffin!

  13. Jedi Knight


  14. Joshua The master of squids

    needs a remake on the switch!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. NickX


  16. ceon

    Wait, this is from Mario?! I thought it was from Final Fantasy?

  17. gamehopper gaming


  18. mooxim

    randomly had this in my head and googled "mario rpg ost" this was the first hit that wasn't the full ost. Thank you google!

  19. Szynka

    Makes me feel giddy 🙂

  20. Dr Fetus

    one theme that ruled them all…..

  21. DTheUnderTale

    It's the mushroom song!



  23. Jaydove

    Super Mario-o RPG
    It is the only one just for me
    When I play the game I get lost in a phase
    Then I find out I'm stuck in Geno's Maze

  24. Cheyenne Kissell

    You worse than Fred Durst!

  25. rz1dog

    I can smell Kingdom Hearts.

  26. Jamie Hyland

    This better come to wii u

  27. BarelyMortal

    I demand a dubstep remix. I like this song, I just want to hear it as a remix XD

  28. James Blaser

    I haven't even l played this game and this music is awesome!

  29. Fabi Holle


  30. Xeknos

    Remember this? When RPGs actually mattered?

  31. NostalgicXGames


  32. Gretchen Goebel

    Best song ever

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