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  1. Mortac

    Two wise women.

  2. Steve Butler

    Rice was likely in charge of the spying on Trumps 2016 campaign.

  3. peggy brooks

    The Republicans and his base seems to be ok with Trump selling us out to other countries. PUTIN especially!

  4. Goofy girl

    Impeachment is not satisfactory enough for a lot of people in American, Trump owe them jail time and personal bankruptcy!!

  5. 沈粤洋

    As a Chinese, I respect this official who always loves her country.

  6. Indie Jones

    Rice making lots of presumptions about the Chinese. She's trained in philosophy no psychology.

  7. Mark Berns

    It's really funny how everyone on the left has a book to promote.

  8. NF NF

    Susan Rice caught red handed, hopefully soon she will go to Prison. Rightfully so!!!

  9. foreigner fan

    Susan Rice is a criminal. Sad. Cheers from Toronto

  10. mark clevenger

    Rachel is on to something here…Russia walks away with Crimea…., The Biden's get paid, The billion in aid disappears into a Soros controlled bank…Susan Rice discussing Obama and Putins phone calls …..The real Russian collusion ….Only took her three years …Release the transcripts

  11. Philip Teague


  12. vonsuthoff

    Quite simply… Trump insults our intelligence. He takes for granted that the American people are "all" stupid! We are not. We are not hypnotized by shiny things (like he is.) We will not be distracted. And… We "WILL" follow this impeachment through to it's end!

  13. donna ford

    wake up
    here is a start…
    Russian Collusion – lie
    Charlottesville – lie
    Stormy Daniels – lie
    Kavanaugh – lie
    Trump cages kids at border – lie
    Covington Kids – lie
    Jussie Smollett – lie
    12 years left on earth – lie
    Recession is coming – lie
    Ukraine – lie
    R they/you tired yet?

  14. TheOldSnake

    Orange Don is the punishment for US export of fake democracy and bs human rights. Tell that to the Iraqis, Afghans after 17 years of war. The Chinese are smart to stay away from war and weapons selling business

  15. Gary Larcher

    The Trump Show is about to be pulled off the air

  16. Marc Lawrence

    "Growing up as a Democracy" would require new federal legislation and also a few Constitutional amendments. The current Constitutional structure is woefully unrepresentative but amending the Constitution is a heavy lift.

  17. J Doe

    MSNBC You work for a pedophile his name is Bill Gates just ask Jeffrey Epstein. Something you don't understand is that every past, present and future felon is out to get you. I know this too be true b/c I spent years helping people just released from prison.

  18. mark clevenger

    What about Russia ?…..You promised

  19. Duncan Bleak

    Smart and tough…….gotta love Susan Rice!

  20. The Weldor

    ooo rachel . Your ratings are lower than the garden net work ! More ppl watched how to plant a tomato than your fake news MAGA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  21. 33 73

    I miss Obama so much. 😞 He was a president who actually cared about his people.

  22. Mike Cranapple

    I like everything Susan Rice said except for using the term "bogus." We don't know if there is legitimate "dirt" on Biden. Still, she could have easily omitted "bogus" and the statement is meaningful.

  23. Holy Smoke

    Hunter Biden, Paul Pelosi ,Gavin Newsom(Nancy's) nephew,Barry Sotero, Michael Lavon Robinson, John Brennan, Clinton Foundation, George Soros, Michael Pence, George Herbert Walker Bush and sons.

  24. Christopher Santana


  25. Majed Ahmed

    God/ nature gave you a brain to think…how do you choose any one Government/ Priest/ Parents…to dedicate your life On you …you need to change your thinking ,,before you change the outside …Susan Rice is other side of the scale..

  26. Carla White

    "By the book" Rice is vested in Trump Orange Bad Man because she's implicated in unethical if not illegal unmasking of Americans. Her last act in the White House of the inauguration was to send herself an email describing the Jan 5 meeting in the Oval Office planning the next day's ambush of Trump by Comey with the salacious details of the Steele dossier, saying President Obama stressed that everything should be done "by the book". That's a CYA email lol.

  27. Darth sexy 88

    Don't worry BETO will make your wildest dreams come true🌈🌈🌈

  28. Bucky Pinata

    More lies from Rice….but not unexpected as the Dems are in full panic mode….

  29. Darth sexy 88

    TRUMP 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  30. Darth sexy 88

    More Fake news!

  31. Poor Dom

    Its so hilarious to see MSNBC glorify Susan Rice, the individual that was totally discredit by pleading the fifth 74 times. Politicians rely on the fact that voters forget things.

  32. a. martin

    Susan Rice is just a mouth piece for DNC party, told more lies than the truth..

  33. Aramsa Wafer

    What do you mean by selling US to China? China does not interfere in others countries' internal affair including the US. You Democrate and Republican can go to sort out your own quarrel and China is not interested and it has got nothing to do with China. And what the phark you CNN kept demonising China? China is a decent country with interest only for the stability and prosperity of the people and the country. You American envy and your need for creating an adversary is uncalled for. If war is what you like, then go start your own new civil war, who cares.

  34. ghost dawg

    We have Trump and his base, can’t fix stupid.

  35. r385671

    I'm sorry, China? Do you mean Gyna?

  36. jerryljohnson1963

    God you man looking thing disappear

  37. Bruce Adams

    The USA might have forgotten how their country was (should be) represented by completely worthy folk like Susan Rice? I hope not.

  38. Bruce Adams

    Obama – a respected leader: – Trump – a despised numbskull.

  39. Ellen Buck

    here comes Susan Rice out of the woodwork like all the other Obama Admin. has done they are only going on their smear cover-up. Campaign. Now it has become who is covering up who about what and how they can be silenced. In the end they only further incriminate themselves.

  40. Phoenix Rider

    JOB WANTED: I am looking for an oversea position. I have neither related experience nor related education, no language skill. Asking for 167K/month. BTW, my father is a Vice President… if that helps. Please contact: Joey The Kid. Phone # ……..

  41. Michelle

    Is she not a war criminal??

  42. Rice and male born Mad Dog are the jokes ok n society.

  43. J. Francis

    How far if we drifted that we've got a guy that can't even put together complete sentences as our president and yet calls himself a stable genius this is Idiocracy and with Betsy DeVos we are bound to stay this way

  44. Timothy Loyd

    Your crazy. Stay away from the doctor.

  45. tr vi yr ski y rras f h chit fc jtd gffc

    Slot ho

  46. Rahul The cabana boy

    Rice you lied about Bengazi,were a lemming for the rascist,bigoted obamanation.

  47. Chris Jones

    Have you noticed the narrative change. Its gone from "Get dirt on Biden" to. Get BOGUS dirt on Biden. All mainstream media is very clever with there brainwashing.

  48. John O

    VOTE 2020!! End the corrupt gop

  49. Hua Zhong

    USA has its national leader to be a Russian spy, good work Putin

  50. Serge Laforest

    Like president like associates !!!

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