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  1. VICE

    WATCH NEXT: Hunting the World's Best Weed Strains with The Kings of Cannabis — https://youtu.be/VwRIZHOHBLE

  2. Northern Kai

    Man , I love weed but people have to realize that it is not for everyone and smoking 24/7 can really fuck you up.
    I smoked weed every morning and pretty much all day for 7 years until I got so sick that I had to stop and I always argued that weed wasn't the problem because I watched videos like this and wouldn't believe that it was harming me until I could barely stop getting sick and wasn't able to sleep.

  3. Geno Garcia

    Straight boof

  4. Gerard Depardoo

    Hamilton is the creepiest guy on the Internet

  5. Bob Capps

    It was trash WTF

  6. lover helper

    I want weed to be legal on whole earth who are govt to ban it

  7. DJiMMa

    Fucking farmers are progressive and the dude in charge is fucking backwards

  8. Darius Knol

    Yeh im moving to swasiland

  9. J.K Fitz

    At 1:44 why the did he slam the door so hard ?? The driver looked out the window like wtf ?!?! Lmfao

  10. Exitzy ll

    The intro tho got me dead “I’m very greatful to be here” 😂 you look high just touching it

  11. Koopei

    This man is really pretending he’s never smoked weed oml

  12. Rahul Kumar

    Rahul, 😁😁😁🤫🤫🤫🤫🤐🤐🤐

  13. TunedS2K

    This dude definitely has a bag of green in his cupboard at home

  14. jake fiscus

    12:42 lol thats your impression??? You have never been robbed sir..

  15. peter pina

    Homie calling him a Rasta to get smoked out

  16. Anumanti

    You look like the biggest stoner ever

  17. Bijoy Acharya

    The man looks real high 😁

  18. N.C Linklater

    I’m grateful to be here. …….”grateful “ 😉👏😂✌️😎 I want your job!😎👍

  19. Deathlypuncake

    10 bucks for that amount of weed is pretty good. If u dont have conections with big dealers and only have small guys or go to coffeeshops u wont get that amount

  20. no15145

    Fuck your voice

  21. uh haha

    Just imagine that field of weed caught fire😐 everyone around gonna be stoned😂

  22. Jihad Bunnydick

    11:37 "Here comes the sack" Even the rooster announced it

  23. Endangered Dangerous

    Youd think the amount this bloke smokes he would be a bit more meatier. EAT SOMETHING

  24. The Gaming Waffle

    15:08 my dream is to sleep in the weed 😂🥺

  25. Uncle Quack

    How can he be a real Rasta if hes not from Jamaica?

  26. Marnu Van Zyl

    I live close to Swaziland, maybe I must try this🤣

  27. AnonymouslyKind

    The DEA had a seizure watching this video.

  28. Cj Burgos

    Shoutout from Lawrence, Ma (978) I like your channel bro

  29. Christian Nickels

    Everybody should be able to do something that only the balls a few have to do I've honestly never thought I would see socialism just applied strictly to work ethic and effort even if it is illegal effort the average peasant doesn't have the opportunity they have the opportunity everybody has the opportunity to break the law you dumb f*** they don't because they're not willing to do what is necessary to be done to survive or maybe they just break it in some other way and steal from people or prostitute themselves all I'm hearing here is a bunch of people bitching about problems that they themselves have created at some point in the history of Swaziland it was completely an option for them to overthrow the government they let it get this bad so fuk'em

  30. Jamy Chong

    I just hate this guy

  31. Davy Cornell

    Why are you geh!? Lol..

  32. maneholiou PTV

    We need this gunji big smoke

  33. mason turd

    is that the place Patrick swazi was born.??lol>>:"{}

  34. puskal rai

    I hav better than this..

  35. Gorgeous Freeman

    10 dollars for that much weed…fam

  36. Gorgeous Freeman

    What I wouldnt do to be there on one of those farms.

  37. Dulce Contreras

    Vice shouldve up called me up for this video man

  38. Comrade_Jesux

    he needs the muchies

  39. Tex Boi

    Best of the Best!!..Check it for yourself……..www. DREDOUZDUPREE.MYCTFO/CBD.com

  40. daddy dick

    they try to hide this duded identity yet he is in a clip before

  41. Mde Mayu

    I have come to freakin love Hamilton

  42. DavyMcWavy

    “Best ganja in the world”
    Bro, that was barely better than shwag.
    Didn’t look very appealing to me.

  43. joseph tuzio

    I want his job

  44. Visual Friendship TV

    15:07. That might last me a week lol.

  45. Andrew Tucker

    Would be really fucked up if every one of these people got busted after this was released. Or if even only one of them did, would still be really fucked up.

  46. sopyan maulana

    Nothing froom mari juana

  47. ojasvi singh

    Somebody genuinely help me get weed in India who can ship and no scams lls

  48. tezchedda

    Look like some reggie

  49. D Cos

    collecting samples for analysis, It was my first time seeing a pot plant… Hamiltons a damn legend

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