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  1. nixaeny

    Your style is absolutely STUNNING
    Like, WOW #GOALS!! So glad I came across your channel 😩💖💖💖💖💖

    My fave eeveelutions are shiny Umbreon, Glaceon and Sylveon 🖤💙💖

  2. Isacosmickookie

    She is adorable! The blush in my opinion is a bit too much but u do you! My favorite eeveelution has to be embreon! Great job and i hope you make more in the future!

  3. Pan Blorp

    You're so talented, this sylveon looks absolutely adorable. Your art is way too underrated and unknown

  4. Makenna Toney

    It looks soo good💜💜💜💜💜💜 I just entered your giveaway on Instagram

  5. Mariah Kelly

    Umbreon is my favorite, I would love to see you do a doll of her

  6. darkandmysterious676

    She's so cute!! 💕💕 I love her outfit a lot uwu and my favorite eeveeloution is Umbreon!

  7. Tayeko_Love IDV

    Didnt Dollightful make a doll like this?

  8. Marielle González

    For me, that heavy blush is too much for the doll and the childlike nature it should have…considering it is this eevie evolution, but at the same time the doll looks lovely!

  9. Soup

    This is the first video of yours I’ve ever watched and I’m in love with your style! My only issue with the video is that.. it’s too short haha!! I’d love to see longer more detailed videos from you! I’ll go binge watch your other ones now, keep up with the good work!

  10. Valkitty'sWorld

    OMG!!! I completely love her!!! Her face is the most adorable thing I've ever seen 😍 Farrah was the perfect choice for your Sylveon. Good job!!!

  11. Celeste Loucks

    i would love to see your take on the other eeveeloutions, but im even more interested in your spin off of a male umbreon as they feel more masculine imo. :3c

  12. Alan cross

    She looks very sweet, my favourite evee-lution is either glaceon or espeon.

  13. Mystic Fox

    Sylveon for life! 😍

  14. crusty apples

    all ur repaints r just so pretty, i honestly think ur one of the best in the game! i hope ur channel blows up like it deserves! ur such a great inspiration to me, too! i cant wait for ur next upload!

  15. BlankSpaceDolls

    So cute I love your unique faces style! Its so so good! What an awesome custom! Cant wait to see what's next!

  16. Nekochaaan NaYu

    Oooooff the eeveelutions just make me so weak😭💕💕💕💕 she looks so perfect!

  17. RainySense

    Really love the outfit but… I think the face it's too red…maybe something more soft or pastel like the other accesories will be more armonious

  18. Amanda Queen UwU

    I’ve seen a lot of sylveon dolls but this one takes the cake

  19. dagmar lütke

    So wunderschön ❤️

  20. Levy

    So cute <3 I hope you made the other eveelution!

  21. Noctis

    just found your channel and your dolls are so well crafted i also like that the design of them is less western cartoonish in style and more like something you see with east asian sims 4 cc if that makes sense. it's really refreshing to see even if the dark blushing is a bit much at first i grew to like it :>
    My favorite eeveelution is a tie between umbreon and vaporeon (vaporeon having the best design imo)

  22. LH Blackbeard

    shes so beautiful! I love her Sylveon bows and the ears you sculpted especially ^_^ and the hearts on the sleeves are so cute!! My personal fave eeveelution is Leafeon, since you asked ^_^

  23. Saralyn

    ADORABLE 😍 Her outfit, the hair, everything she’s just so damn cute. I gotta make that outfit now. It’s too cute.

  24. kim ryeowook love bot


  25. firegodessreiko

    I love her eyes~ Playful and perhaps a mischievous little sprite! I do agree with another commenter that the heavy blushing takes away from her innocent and child-like quality…but that's heavily personal preference and not a technique issue at all. If you like hard candy….girl, do the hard candy! Lol As for favorite Eeveelution…hrm…so tough to choose! I think it would be a toss up of Umbreon and Espeon for me. So mysterious~

  26. tigrid0

    That face left me absolutely speechless it’s so beautiful !

  27. slightly-expired-yogurt

    Your dolls always have such a magical, ethereal look to them unlike any other customizer I have ever seen. I honestly don’t know how you do it. Your dolls always have such a calming vibe that I just can’t describe, and I have no idea why you haven’t blown up yet. If I had to make a criticism? The blush is a little heavy. But honestly a wonderful doll ^•^

  28. Briana Hawkins

    She looks so Cute, are you going to make more eeveelutions?

  29. Kristin Klopfenstein

    She's such a cutie 😍 Sylveon is my absolute favorite

  30. Marta Peterson Womack

    Super cute! I love the outfit.

  31. SeaSpooder

    Ah all of your dolls are so beautifully made! Im so glad i found your channel so early and I can't wait your channel grow! Amazing work

  32. katie cook

    she's gorgeous!!

  33. JackyOhhh

    She’s so stinkin cute!! I have a farrah in my stock box that I’ve been saving for awhile. She’s one of my more favorite sculpts and you made such a beautiful doll with her.

  34. Sua

    Honestly the cutest thing I’ve seen all week

  35. Meowlodie H-L

    She's so pretty!

  36. doongie

    The doll looks really great! Her dress, her hair, her eyes are so beautifully made <3
    When I could point out only one thing, that is (in my eyes) a little too much? It's the redness in her face, the blushing is a bit too dark for my personal liking. But nevertheless the doll is beautiful!

  37. luna-lunar -moon

    She looks really awesome 😍

  38. Elle Culbertson

    She's so cute! I adore the bell sleeves!

  39. Kathleen Rivas

    Amazing.. Hope you get mores subs cause you really deserve more love

  40. Emily Kate

    It looks so cute you’re so talented <3

  41. Darcie Cotton

    I haven't been watching too many doll customisation videos recently but I guess YouTube read my mind and thankfully recommended me your channel!! Time to binge watch all of your videos!! Haha

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