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  1. Ahmad S

    Classic T pain

  2. Tracy KaPoni

    Lol!!!! TPAIN CRAYYY!!!!

  3. Peachez Boo


  4. Ps Louboutins

    Drunk T Pain should be in the game talking shit

  5. Ps Louboutins

    It's funny as shit
    Just play this game
    You might see a dick
    Just play this game
    Reverse psychology I don't give a shit
    If you just play this game
    Obviously we want you to play Trover

    Save the Universe
    I'm not even getting paid and I'm T-Pain
    I just want to say how much I love this game


  6. Jonguye

    Time for t-pains cameo on rick and morty

  7. Big homie Deirek

    This 🔥

  8. Nate Lucid Carter

    Only Pizzle can sell a game while killing it with a legit ass song hahaha

  9. Aiden Szmyt

    This is an ad… It's a half assed song with no substance… why do people enjoy this?

  10. Maik Jr

    Que merda aconteceu com você T-Pain

  11. Tristen Brown

    This slaps

  12. Justin Floyd

    His right eye humming sounds like Joe Rogan 😂

  13. ricci lifego

    T pain voice made me fly 😎🙏

  14. Jay Goods tha BigBoi

    Lol “Ok take one”

    Sarcastically “yeah right”

  15. Perry Gang

    The one in only t pain the goat💯🐐🐐🐐

  16. Panthera Tigris

    This is why tpain is the awesome

  17. Wish

    Chills. This is Kanye level of using your voice as an instrument

  18. Ryan Wyant

    I love this game so much. If you like Rick and Morty humor this is worth the buy. T Pain made it so much better.

  19. AoT-Cobalt

    This is straight heat and I'm 20 seconds in

  20. NFL

    Slaps better than Popeyes bhicken sammich

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