Taare – Official Music Video | Raman Kapoor | Gaurav Dev & Kartik Dev | New Punjabi Song

Artist: Raman Kapoor Music: Gaurav Dev and Kartik Dev Lyrics: Jesan Mixed & Mastered-Prithvi Sharma Soundvault Actor: Raman Kapoor & Suparna … Toll-free

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  1. Rajesh Sony

    I am not Bollywood, But this Song is awesome.

  2. Manish Vimal

    i like this song

  3. Shiv Dixit

    nice song best song

  4. Rajesh Chaudhary

    nice song

  5. Abhay Rajpoot

    I love this song

  6. Kajal Gupta

    ok hai sab song kuj

  7. Shivay Raj

    i luv ur voice

  8. Aman Rajpoot

    it's good awesome

  9. Shivani Sinha

    vadia ganna

  10. Tiwari Tiwari

    video is great

  11. Niharika Singh

    love the music

  12. Nirmal Dwivedi

    song nice

  13. Manish Vimal

    Fabulous song

  14. Devendra Singh

    such a nice song

  15. Abhay Rajpoot

    sir u rocks

  16. Archana Vimal

    l like this song .

  17. Aman Rajpoot


  18. Shivani Sinha


  19. Raghav Singh

    my favorite song

  20. Kallu Chaudhary

    i love this song

  21. Sheelu Dwivedi

    Nice song

  22. Tiwari Tiwari

    nice 1 bhaiiii

  23. Niharika Singh

    nice pic and nice song

  24. Nirmal Dwivedi

    mindblowing song

  25. Manish Vimal

    loved it so much

  26. Rajesh Chaudhary

    superb song

  27. Aman Rajpoot

    mast song

  28. Raghav Singh

    whole song done perfectly

  29. Sheelu Dwivedi

    I just love

  30. Tiwari Tiwari

    love this song

  31. Manish Vimal

    veere tu saade dil vich vasda

  32. Rajesh Chaudhary

    this is superb song

  33. Abhay Rajpoot

    bhai vadia song

  34. Archana Vimal

    bhut vadia a i totally agree with u

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