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  1. Marko Jurišić

    Republic of China 🇹🇼🇹🇼Taiwan ❤️🇹🇼❤️🇹🇼❤️🇹🇼❤️🇹🇼❤️greetings from Croatia

  2. Kimberly Davis

    Taiwan is a beautiful country and it's understandable that they want their own freedom and independence.

  3. viomusarda*the*fluffysealgasus

    YASS TAIWAN putting your foot on the ground🙏🌈👏🔮💜

  4. asianthor

    I wish we had this same law here is the USA regarding Israel influencing US politics.

  5. Cafelogis

    So the witch hunt begins while kowtowing to the us to further become a puppet state. Sad state of existence Taiwan is in.

  6. Ryanator Changerang

    Stand free from Beijing. Reunification must happen, under Taipei leadership

  7. J Dwin

    Every single country must have this law given the fact that china is no longer the peaceful rising country it once was , china is becoming more and more of a problem this days because its Ideology is different compare to what the world prefer the problem is china will do everything to change that this law will prevent that from happening .

  8. Biden 2020

    i think that's Republic of China

  9. Hinson Hau

    There are no 5 cents army here, cause they don't know English

  10. TheChosen

    For solution to your spiritual problems, go to this site,

  11. Nibbler

    Blues and greens are on extreme opposite side

  12. Gary Kaplan

    Time for the US to recognize Taiwan and have free trade with the people of Taiwan.

  13. Bowen Du

    Oops, Xi wasnt bothered at all. His new year's speech didn't even mention anything relates to Taiwan. Ignored indeed.

  14. Tchd Yeah17

    All this doesn’t solve the Taiwanese economic and social problems at all. It’s just a political move made to score political points.

  15. Nat N

    5yrs is too short. Need to be atleast 25 yrs

  16. jack L

    Why are the protesting in court?

  17. jack L

    Lol then stop buying US tanks

  18. Carrie Steel

    So, in the near future, Taiwanese will be sent to jail just because their relatives from the mainland send them a letter? LOL

  19. Nguyen Hoang Duc

    Let these dogs have fun with their own party. Their American masters have more serious problems to deal with.

  20. Jakex Gold

    Do not buy the ***720 drones! Do not support the CCP to let high tech drones falling into the wrong hands! The drones are giving CCP and the authorities of any countries gaining more control of your privacy! My friend took his PC to a store to get it repaired, he has his files encrypted, but still the password has been recovered, also deleted private files has been recovered, he lost his privacy due to his IGNORANCE of what late tech could expose his life, that’s not democracy!

  21. Xiaolie Liu

    Come on South China morning Post, use the correct terms please. It's the Republic of China that passed the anti-infiltration bill and it is directed against the People's Republic of China. This is a bill made by a Chinese authority against another. It's not a bill made by a country against a foreign power. It's an internal power. Please do a better presentation of information. You can do better. Taiwan is ruled by a Chinese authority. If a Taiwanese is against a country called China then this person is doing treason. Just look at the parliament where the bill was passed. There is a big portrait of the patriot Dr Sun Yatsen. I wonder whether the lawmakers realise what they are doing in front of the founding father of their republic. Shame on traitors and shame on inaccurate journalism.

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