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  1. M S

    The reason these funds invest in Asia or other emerging market is because of the YIELD. So since YIELD is so IMPORTANT, how does one solve this DILEMMA?

  2. MG MA

    I post this link at Yahoo Finance, they deleted it immediately

  3. M S

    No one spoke about Hong Kong's stock exchange bid to buy/merge with LSE. How can people miss this GIGANTIC move?

  4. Phillip Poon

    Decouple from China and we are going to be able to full speed MAGA !

  5. John Sitterley

    Glad someone is talking about this. You'd be surprised how many Chinese sites are Googled up when you retire to collect social security and pensions. I suggest you chose the ones with the .gov link, otherwise china will get access to you and your money.

  6. Shaun Ellis

    The Bloomberg and Wall Street Journal stories have been debunked other than the tariff delay, I'm not sure about the reason you gave though.

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