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  1. jaker steel peter

    It is all theater, nobody with a right mind would believe there will be any real deal. It is better we go for a full scale trade war now and see how bad things could be, then we decide what to do next!

  2. BJ700

    Bring it on.

  3. Chao Qin

    China well remember how USSR collapsed when the Russian naively believed Americans' lie that they would be accepted by the West once they gave up communism with economic aid.
    Instead the Russian had been bashing by the American-led alliance economically, militarily, politically for nearly 3 decades.
    Americans are untrustworthy creatures.

  4. Sean Lykes

    "Multi metric scoring system "translation = we don't know anymore than you do, were guessing. And using big words to try and look like we know what were doing and sound smart.wooohooo!!!

  5. Nikola Tesla

    Dont like china

  6. LIM RAJ

    Why should you want a deal when you have billion n billion coming in ?

  7. mikey fiftythree

    I wouldn't doubt that China is patiently waiting for trump to be removed, by whatever means, to negotiate a deal.

  8. Jackie Wu

    No deal is final answer. USA must lift all tariffs before China will even consider any possible deal. Get it, dotard ? May the love and the peace of Jesus be with us.

  9. foreverfaithful1809

    Trumps not worried israel still receives 8 million dollars a day in aid from usa and retains its stolen land that trump claimed for israel!

  10. Bill Christian

    China wants Trump to be removed from office. They have always had a very low opinion of this idiot Trump with a low IQ and weak character. I have never remembered an US President, that everyone avoids like a plague.

  11. Bill Christian

    Nobody expects an agreement. Both sides realize no deal ever in the future with tariffs, bans, and sanctions. The rest of the talking points can be set aside and the "phase one" is just another "No Deal". Trump can not win an easy war with his stupid scams.

  12. Kimi Kadarshian

    Trump and Mnuchin and Lighthizer are all idiots. They know nothing about China’s tactics to buy time. If the idiots want China to sign the deal, tax it 100% immediately. But I’m quite sure such idiots still think they are winning now while the bloody Xi laughs at their stupidity.

  13. Wyo Dragon

    The top leadership of the Chinese Government has determined that the US cannot be trusted. They are not therefore interested in any trade deal with the US. Over the last three to six months, neither President Xi JinPing nor Premier Li Keqiang or any other member of the Politburo has ever commented or even mention anything about the ongoing trade talks. Xi JinPing did express his hope and wish that the RCEP be signed as soon as possible but not a trade deal with the US.

  14. cow moo

    its a marketing governement scam just like usa vs mexico and all the other country rivalries dont fall for it, and remove tarrifs and duties taxes permanently and make english the universal main and only language of earth, there is 3 version of english- white english, normal english and chill/relaxed english. also remove the accent version worst and very annoy version of english. also try to remove mandatory taxes and insurances globally. and add more development involvement globally for all categories

  15. Michael Lew

    It is clear Trump is talking up and down about the discussions with China so as to drive the market up and down so as he or his gang can directly or indirectly milk the greedy wall street market players.
    Of course I do not have evidence of this but his repeated actions/words/tweets which end up repeatedly changing 180 deg are such simple tricks that anyone with abit of common sense can see through this.
    Trump does not give a damn about the consequences of the trade war as it gives him a tool to play the market to his personal benefit.

    Do Not believe a word that Trump says, comments from the Chinese are much more credibly even then its still risky as Trump can stop/reverse whatever is agreed so he can get the outcome he wants so he can extract benefits from it personally either directly or indirectly.

  16. Pan- Shot

    Ex Trump supporter here, these tariffs are killing my business. I’m fucked

  17. Steven Chen

    constructive can be agree to disagree, therefore great understanding of each other. LOL

  18. Max Lee

    It's a long-time war between the US and China , not just on trade but tech and culture even military field

  19. John Smith

    Even has a deal, the war will be continue.

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