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  1. vincent fong

    Democrat party has sold out American to China for profit. USA industrial base is all gone. Economic influence from China will control American behaviour from now on.

  2. Aelox CEO

    Getting banned from China is cool

  3. Super Nova

    Think about it. 🤔China maneuvered 1.5 billion for Biden's son. Just imagine how much they've maneuvered for past US presidents.

  4. J M

    The dems hate Trump and with the help of the media are trying to get more and more Americans to hate him as well, so they can convince spineless republicans in the senate to impeach him…There does not have to be a crime….if they do not like him he will have to go, this is the new standard the dems are setting when a republican is elected…so we will lie to the American people till they buy it!!!! Thank God for Trump!! Any other Republican President would be toast by now!!!

  5. J M

    Ted….I think that's fine to do business in China it would be good for America??? This is the problem he and many other Republicans do not see the hypocrisy!!! And it is not good for America to do business with China and keep building their military superpower status!! We also built and supported Russia's super power status by giving them hundreds of billions of dollars in aid for their starving people which the communist use to build their military!! We gave them everything they needed to stand against us!! Are we stupid or what!! No we are not stupid only deceived by our government, it has been corrupt for many decades playing on the hartstrings of the American people and continues to do so!!

  6. J M

    China sees us as hypocrites!! We preach to them about human rights (slave labor) but allow the manufacturing of our goods to be made there!!

  7. J M

    Our elected treasonous officials (puppets of the communist party) built up China by regulating the hell out of our manufacturing here at home !!! They either went out of business or sought other means to stay in business!!! That is why the first thing Trump did is deregulate and then leveled tariffs which is still bringing back jobs to the US!!!! My opinion is it should be illegal to do business with communist countries!! After all we claim to be for human rights and make sure our businesses at home are held to high standard!!! Are we hypocrites!!

  8. J M

    China needs the NBA more than we do!!

  9. Nancy Crisman

    Don’t buy ANY food, toys, or food containers. Don’t buy China. Period.

  10. Chris Biro

    The swamp globalist agenda prefers China style government where they have absolute control over the people. This is why they are attacking Trump with such tenacity, he is not a swamp globalist, he is all about American first.

  11. 1/7th -Cav. 1972C.I.B

    Just Boycott anything Chinese that isn't essential for Survival and watch China Howl. I'm all for banning travel to or From China. We'll be fine with out them in our Country, and not going to China isn't going to make My Life less interesting/fulfilling. Wise up Americans-Vote with Your Wallets and Purses.

  12. Linda Freeman

    Chinese corruption pays – freedom and democracy means or should mean accountability. So we have Cook and Zuckerberg now sitting on Chinese boards of AI companies. Where is Feinstein in all of this -her husband is making millions if not billions in China is he selling US technology. Did Feinstein prep Zuckerberg again before his congressional meeting?

  13. Jamie Comer

    They mad e their own bed, now let them LIVE IN IT! 😎😈🖕🔥

  14. Jamie Comer

    America's weapon system has a class, it runs out of energy and projectiles! So the America super power BS!

    IS A LIE! 😎😈🖕🔥

  15. Reuben Houghtailing

    We should end all trade with china and start buying from India

  16. Beau Long

    Money talks. Money is god.

  17. paul castle

    Absolutely right , the Chinese government must be laughing like hell about those stupid malleable Westerners .

  18. kevin cheung

    Ted Cruz is a hero to the democracy, freedom and liberty…

  19. Roman Mcdougal

    Ban China. We are better off producing cheap products in Latin America, they are not enemies of the US.

  20. Roth mandala

    It is truly pathetic that in America, so many sports and entertainment stars disrespect America however they want, while when it comes to China suppressing its own people, almost all of these stars only see money and voluntarily shut up immediatly.

  21. T XYZ

    Actually there's a biblical phrase that simply resolves this as well as the trade negotiations, i.e., "Do unto others as others do unto you".
    Simply said, just apply ALL the same rules, laws, taxes, tarriffs, etc upon the Chinese that they impose upon us, its really pretty simple !
    Chinese do all this stuff to us, all we do and have done is just roll over and take it and kiss their behinds. Enough is enough – do the same back to them ! They sure as hell
    enjoy all the freedoms of this country, but they sure don't afford them back to us ! Its called standing up for yourself. Something our gutless politicians haven't done in
    many decades. Trump calls it "America First". The Chinese call it "China First". So why is it so wrong for us to do the identical same things they do in these areas ??? !!!
    Actually, even the answer to that is obvious — its called GREED of the almighty dollar regardless who it hurts or at who's expense !!! To hell with China, give back to them
    what they dish out to us that simple !!!

  22. BradLee Jones

    I'd love to see President Trump seize Facebook in the interest of National Security. Then open it up to every corner of China!😂
    Trump 2020 Landsl….AVALAAAAAANCHE!

  23. MrBestard

    Corporate lobbyists walk past.🤑🤑🤑

  24. AURA - Band of Light

    Big Tech/Big Biz have sold America out to ChiComs for trillions in profits. Let that sink in.
    I stand with Hong Kong patriots.

  25. TheBruceGday

    Don’t forget Activision-Blizzard in the list of companies helping censor.

  26. Marc Alexander

    No they should not censor, that's what happens when they sell out. Now how about those traitors in DC that have been doing the same to our country? They're the ones that need their feet held to the fire. Let's not beat around the bush anymore.

  27. Daniel Hew

    US companies participate in censorship must be punished for their actions. As a country. we need to define the real meaning of an American company. An American company manufactures products in America for export. Its time to stop sending money to other countries. We have thousands of people out of work in America.

  28. The open mind

    China is the enemy. Look where the money has gone. To China. Deep state/Cabal/Illuminati must be directing this. They plan to make everywhere more like China.

  29. The open mind

    Boycott China, Nike and the NBA.

  30. Joe Herr

    New top gun movie censorship Taiwan and Japan flags removed from Mavericks jacket the Martian is saved by mass murdering communist Chinese resupplying spacecraft googles project dragonfly censorship in china helping china round up political dissidents bill Clinton gave China our ICBM guidence systems and other military tech including super computers new df-41 mirv missile thanks to Clinton new j-20 fighter jet looks like f22 raptor

  31. Yu Tommy

    Freedom and democracy huh? What did we do to Iraq, Lybia, Ukraine, Syria, Yemen and the list goes on and on and on…. The ppl of HK are fighting for freedom? Cruz is another one of those warmongers that constantly demonize and lie about the facts on the ground there. His face just makes me sick to the stomach. How bout Fox News, never show the rioters burning banks, retail shops, normal citizens getting beat up, attacking HK police with Molotov cocktails…. Need I say more? Our moronic politicians keep doing what they do, we are gonna have WWIII soon! Even Cruz knows he's putting on a good show for his own political gains… Lmao

  32. world traveller

    Being dishonest is China’s motto. Imagine if China has to become a super power!

  33. John Linn

    Act now! Americans demand action

  34. John Linn

    Liberals suck China"s toes

  35. John Linn

    Listen, USA firms have ZERO access to China markets in the SAME way we give CHINA access to the USA.

  36. Steve Holliman

    She certainly dealt with technical problems well. Good job, great interview.

  37. topkd06

    As a Chinese, I have to say that Americans have to understand the CCP is a hate mongering gang that take whatever it can to serve itself.      DO NOT FEED this monster.  It will eat you alive eventually.

  38. 1/7th -Cav. 1972C.I.B

    The House IS The Howling, Rabid Mob.
    Which I think is going to be returned to center-right.
    The House is the reason there is a Senate, as part of The Legislature. So the mob does NOT take over.
    Checks and Balances

  39. Cynthia Feick

    I have destroyed and disposed of all Nike products I owned and will never purchase another Nike product as long as I live. Shame on you, Phil Knight.

  40. Rosemary Storm

    China ROUTINELY "tortures" and "MURDERS" it's Citizens!!! "MONEY MAKES THE WORLD GO 'ROUND" – Greed is a SIN for a REASON.

  41. Rosemary Storm

    Excellent point Ted: "One of the BIG arguments when we opened up that trade to begin with with China is we said "If we engage in commerce with China we'll export our Values – we'll bring the values of freedom and democracy to China. We need to make sure that we're not IMPORTING THEIR values – the VALUES OF CENSORSHIP and TOTALITARIANISM."

  42. EBobby Sing

    Jimmy Lai LIES all the time.

  43. Darren Mcmunn

    Everything is about the all mighty dollar today.

  44. Your Daddy

    Boycott these companies like our president put tariff and sanction on other countries. It work

  45. Madelyn Anderson

    Why does the NBA receive Billions from Our Communist Enemies??? They should go somewhere else to play freaking basketball!

  46. thomas yang

    look at what is happening in Hong Kong, protestors cut the thoat of one Hong Kong police, poured strong acid to police, beat anybody on the street who speak Manderine, set fires to banks and Starbucks, what an unviolence protest, are you blind?

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