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  1. LuchaKing

    My first thought when i saw this animation was the 80's film heavy metal. Anyone else?

  2. fred jasper

    Totally radical

  3. Baron Morte

    Really miss the 80's.

  4. Pradnya

    I'm 20's kid and I lobe this

  5. Shon Tay

    Zacchaeus i love u…when i hear this song makes me think of u because u like this cartoon with this song…cool

  6. Madhusree Sarkar

    I love this song

  7. Rage Shadow

    Night begins to shein night begins to shein

  8. The Shadow

    I hate ttg but I do like the music

  9. larry alegre

    The animation reminds me of a Gorillaz video

  10. Kriptionite

    Kinda reminds me of U2 music.

  11. Jessica Kaylor

    This is such an awesome episode! It also reminds me of robot unicorn, which I loved to play when I was younger.

  12. Tommy Finley

    The only good thing that came out of that show…..then again, Teen Titans Go wasn't intended for me anyway

  13. Rangi Man

    Love this song, catchy tune.

  14. LightHoneyGirl

    I hate this show but i love the animation in the song and the song is awesome reminds me of the origional titans.

  15. Sameer elahi

    Love this song so much

  16. Jerold Boy

    0:28 me coming out of the bathroom

  17. Amber_pops133 Xoxo

    This was the only thing good about this show

  18. minfires

    The episode just came and Dutch tv and this song sounded so good I had to search it up

  19. Mel Holmfield

    The 80s theme was so friggin dope (like if agree)

  20. Umesh kumar

    My favorite song

  21. Kari

    Looks like Robot Unicorn Attack mixed with Teen Titans thrown into the 80s.

  22. Tangerbree- sunrise

    Damnit cartoon Network now I want a spin off of this dimension

  23. rahul kumar

    He attac , he protecc but most importantly the night begins to shine

  24. Jasmine Diva

    90's kids, where y'all at?!

  25. Ahmed Top


  26. Youssef l يوسف

    :-: thats better than lalala and Lil Nas X and every thing

  27. Mekala Dasanayake

    This is good you can come at

  28. Angel horse777



    good job TTG…..

  30. Michael Williams

    This is why teen titans go is so much better than the original cartoon

  31. Miss Cloud

    If only ttg was about the titans going on an Adventure with this artstyle.

  32. Doug Seidl

    These episodes are so good. Masterpieces.

  33. Corwin Forest

    They need to make a tv show that takes place entirely in this realty.

  34. Jason 77

    A nod to Metalocalypse intro there?

  35. cannon

    Are those two skeletons a reference to the two guys from Dark Knight Returns? with the visors and mohawks?

  36. Lizzie wedding

    Slaps hard

  37. fangirl waters

    best teen titans go ep ever

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