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  1. feyikemidelano

    Loving this song. My new jam

  2. Kristi Bennett

    this is awesome…… such an 80's vibe. Makes me want to bring back big hair and mullets.

  3. Missbobburger


  4. mary loe

    I like it .. great

  5. Evelyn Rivera

    I really liked it! It's awesome 🙂

  6. a little dreamer

    Beautiful marshall!! Love you!! Perfect voice!!

  7. Lucía Silva

    good song guys

  8. Anya Glazov

    Great job, love it!

  9. Zlata Chernysh

    Like this song 🙂

  10. Zlata Chernysh

    I Like this song 🙂

  11. Gadyr Elrefai

    Nice song ,, I really enjoyed it 😀

  12. Sarah McGuckin

    love the song, not so keen on the video tbh

  13. YouTubeSingers.com

    Great song, I have enjoyed it !
    Shared it on Google+ and twitter

  14. Narciaaa :3

    Cool ;DDD 

  15. pedro de freitas

    Good, Good

  16. priscila silva

    Really nice 🙂

  17. manon niemeijer

    Omg I love it

  18. Karla Quintana

    I really enjoyed it! 🙂

  19. Hikari Uchiha

    Enjoyed that!

  20. Olivia rodgers

    Yall hot omg

  21. Uarda Hoxha

    wow amazing!

  22. Rocio Belen

    hahaha I like it , so much , it´s very funny lol

  23. Ludwing Rivera

    I like it <3

  24. Nosraef

    I like to touch myself to this video

  25. Logan Harman

    You guys look like sing me insomnia!!! I love them!

  26. TheConcertchic

    Love it!

  27. mamnko


  28. Ryan Scott Travis

    B A R F.

  29. Carolyn Murdock

    hot and up and coming, indeed <3

  30. carmen101491

    such a great song! love it! 

  31. 8blademan

    Great song guys! Love it

  32. Jessica Cooper

    Looking great guys!! Live it up!

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