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  1. Tupiyo

    Get Top Car Gadgets : https://amzn.to/2nde92G

  2. Mito Gabrielle C.Miranda

    The geely ge car must named rolls rice

  3. Mr Bath tv


  4. jaguuu Yadav

    chaina wale copy acha karte h

  5. gujju praveen

    Just they want to copy others no own invention s

  6. The Mythbuster

    The Roll Royce that looks almost alike in fact is more aesthetically pleasing.

  7. rajesh kumar

    Chaines always copy to all things they have only Owen 3things that is 1st language,2nd unityof people ,3 confusion they self

  8. Radu Andrei Nastase

    So anybody with some brain will save their money and buy a copy

  9. Peter Chibuzo

    If you can't afford the original version, go for the copied version.. It would still take you to your destination.. And moreover they run the same spareparts

  10. abraham qureshi

    Duplicate…. every wear @ made in China. ..

  11. Jozef Boloz

    So its just like GTA then

  12. Radha Krishnan Sunmugam

    China is King of copycat

  13. Saara Suraj Ayyer

    Top 10 Luxurious… starts with a toyota!

  14. Jay Whyy

    Lolll tf is a Land Wind!?😅🤣

  15. Jimmy Francois

    I need a Maserati Ghibli in China copy cat. Anyone?

  16. Joel Robles

    Chinese cars No quality.

  17. Vijay rajan

    This is first & last warning for yu_If Yu copy again I will call professor okay 📝📋😉😉😉😉😉

  18. Asif Humayun

    Good china👍👍👍 these luxury cars' prices were looting the people

  19. Palden Dorjee

    Chinese is not good

  20. Palden Dorjee


  21. Cyd Antang


  22. Kloveko 19

    Fuck Chinese!

  23. Naz Mi

    Nothing wrong, Forzza China!!!

  24. Sergio Marinizer

    Fuck the fucking Chinese I think they’re rude and assholes

  25. Radius Y

    Not copy at all they look quite different

  26. Anandu Ajay

    No money to buy luxury cars…
    Go to China. You will be happy 😂😂😂

  27. Bishal Pariyar

    Best china

  28. July 1 2007 Nov 20 2018

    China is very well known because of its cheap and poorly made products.

  29. Sharda Chouhan

    This is chinease stretigy to copy big brand and manufacture in bulk with low quality. Cheap product

  30. Dingo

    you're channel is a chinese copy of donut media

  31. 肉冰烧

    China 👎🖕🏻

  32. P Naidu



    geely copy look nice

  34. Amando Judico

    Shame chinese mongoloids

  35. suresh NRI

    West china

  36. Flying Tarts

    Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto.

  37. M HuzaiFAW

    They don't want to buy another company cars

  38. Fancy gamer

    Soon China will look like Africa

  39. kurd product

    That Cadillac Escalade killed me 😂😂😂

  40. Purushothaman Iyer

    Because of CHINA Poor people also can enjoy luxurious life like the rich f,e,g, toys which cannot be affordable by poor children has become so cheap they could also enjoy like rich children keep it up CHINA BRAVO

  41. Ritesh Duppa

    Greate information dude !!
    Keep it up !!

  42. 섹맛

    no10. it's not toyota copy! it's kia sorento exactly copycat!!!

  43. jannu prashanth

    I think… Chinese will copy soon on these Facebook.Twitter..Google ..YouTube.. also 🤗😄😅😄

  44. Jegan Rahunathan

    Almost Chinese toy

  45. Allan Roquim

    The problem…spare part…

  46. DINESH D

    Making copy cars makes easier to down luxury cars price.,

    It alows to but a normal peoples also

  47. Payam Farid

    They look like junk! Originality cannot be copied

  48. fermion in quantum state

    Chinese people do not have any brain only copy and pest..

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