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  1. watchingthestuff

    Wow. Elon Musk endorsed Andrew Yang?

  2. Graham Sutton

    Ethan Wolff-Mann the staff Tesla's will be at list, its Tesla's policy and anyway why would it mater on 1000 cars maximum. Dodge car which one? Yahoo useless

  3. tommy cane115

    nikola tesla!

  4. Mark Plott

    What these ANALists are missing is that TESLA Model 3 will be the BEST car made in China, PERIOD.

  5. John Wick

    LOL this moron can't even remember the Dodge car's name after saying he watched "an effective advertisement". What a joker…

  6. 肉红烧

    1.4 billion people in China

  7. Ryan VanGelder

    3:504:01, huh? 🤨🤔….., "Watch out Musk" I don't think anyone wants a dodge EV, let alone a Ford EV, lol.

  8. Ryan VanGelder

    These guys are just like Bloomberg technology with the negativity on Tesla….

  9. Millennials Unite

    Go Tesla!

  10. Holy God

    Yahoo, is owned by Toyota

  11. Holy God

    I wonder if they have an iPhone, is there an American made iPhone

  12. 007thematrix007

    250k annually?! 😳 hwaooow …..

  13. Wally Wally

    Chinese made cars

  14. Grizzy Bear

    Intellectual properties doesn't apply to Tesla yet Yahoo loser hosts don't know Tesla patents are open and their China factory is a sole property with no partnerships. A first for a American company. Also name that dodge? LOL you must of meant Mustang Mach E dumb dumb Yahoo hosts, too bad Ford is only going to make 50k of them worldwide.

  15. chrissscottt

    When discussing Telsa it might pay to interview someone who knows something about Tesla, for instance, whether American and Chinese built Teslas are the same.

  16. Ziggi Mon

    Second batch? LOL. They first sent a few cars to the employees and alike and then it suddenly becomes the second batch. They barely cranking any cars.

  17. HighBridgeSpeed

    Lmao why don't you go buy that Dodge EV that you can't even name lmaoo

  18. HighBridgeSpeed

    These cars do not come "a year after" Tesla built the factory, it is coming a year after they began building the factory, big difference.

  19. Tony Faxton

    Not interested in Chinese car.

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