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  1. Carlos Almeida

    The germans are getting hit because of #dieselgate scandal, you stupid assholes, wake the fuck up

  2. Dingish

    This is why he endorsed yang.

  3. Tag Makers Pet Tags

    Why does she speak like Donald Duck?

  4. realsecrets1

    what an annoying aids cancer sounding speech does she have.

  5. Ramon Zarat

    Wow, first time I've ever seen her talking about Tesla, with a smile on her face. Was waiting for the usual anti Tesla bashing, but again, for the first time ever, nothing negative about Tesla, for an entire segment on Bloomber!. He'll just legit froze over.

  6. TheReelReal

    Emily Chang trying to be all tan… Your way past your prime for that missy

  7. - Eth

    of course they want to keep him there so they can steal the technology…..

  8. Tong Tran

    China is pro EVs and supports innovative companies like Tesla unlike the Trump administration who supports Big Oil

  9. who create GOD?

    that's the MUSK Power beaaatchhh..

  10. Joe Smith

    Why does everyone call Emily Chang Rat- Girl?

  11. Liang Benedict

    Tesla win tax break but it may lose it technology

  12. Weinhold Weinhold

    Not unusual not unexpected barely news.

  13. Donald Scott

    Emily Rat-Girl Chang hates to hear good news about Tesla!!!

  14. Leif Johnson

    Hey, Bloomberg morons…the Tesla's made in Shanghai WILL NOT BE IMPORTED….therefore they are not liable to tariffs.,…..now, if the Chinese import Model S's, X's and Y's that are made in the USA, that's another story.

  15. Mark Plott

    Bloomberg – TESLA is going to Bankrupt the Gecko and FLO.

  16. Mike's Personal Finance

    What? Something good happening to Tesla because China actually likes the idea of saving the planet while driving the best technology available? If only American policymakers embraced the revolution like China. The media is having a hard enough time believing TSLA isn't bankrupt though.

  17. Leif Johnson

    Could someone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take this woman off of the helium she is inhaling.

  18. c431inf 11b

    Lol ya till they make the Chinese made Tulsa copy

  19. Avinash Francis

    I hate german cars after dieselgate. They are fucking criminals.

  20. Andre P

    Dear shorts! I thought Elon was a liability to Tesla!!… 😂

  21. dingle_mccringleberry

    Musk is being an idiot, China will just steal his technology.

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