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  1. Ella-Waldi

    I really don't understand how people can get offended about your content. This vid ist the most loving and caring message I heard all year and I'm a social worker!

  2. Jessica balding

    Love this guy.. You tell them 💗💗💗

  3. Robert Prado

    Come on man didn't you know it's healthy at all sizes 💪🏽

  4. Emry Kin

    Your content is always definitely interesting to watch, but your rapid speech in this video had my anxiety rising 😂 Not sure if you were manic, verbally passionate or just hyped up on caffeine but I have to pause to breath a few times haha.

  5. Ghizlene Sn

    Do people not realize that our bodies componsate for a while then comes a time when they fail

  6. Casey P

    Did I accidentally click 2X speed?

  7. Maeglin34

    Once Tess hits 40 her life will get really difficult due to her weight. It did for me. In my thirties being morbidly obese was doable but once I passed 40 stuff got real. Chronic joint and back pains, sleep apnea, pre-diabetes and being unable to walk for more than 10 minutes. Last year I decided enough was enough because if I didn't change myself I doubted I would make it to 50. I quit smoking, started counting calories, and started walking my dog more and more every day. That was almost 10 months ago and I've lost 47 kg (107 lbs) and I'm walking 6,5 km every day. I've still got another 47-ish kg to go before I hit a normal weight but the difference is already astounding! No more chronic pains, no more sleep apnea, no more pre-diabetes. I feel better, physically and mentally, than I have for at least 18 years. It can be done and once I got started and got to reap the physical and mental rewards I realized this isn't nearly as difficult as I thought it would be. I hope for her sake that Tess has a wake up call soon and loses the extra weight. As a morbidly obese person it can be difficult to realize how much the extra weight is really holding you back until you actually lose some of it and feel the difference.

  8. Daylight NL

    What? Tess still doesnt care that she will die young? Why you "care" so much about someone who has a death wish..
    F.her. F. Her Friends and Fam Enablers too..
    Death Wish..Thats all it is..
    Tess doesnt care. Nor should the world.

  9. Scum of the Church

    I really wish I had you as a trainer. I'm really making an effort on my weight but I want to start gyming and I need someone like you

  10. P YanC

    I met her at this show… I always knew she was a larger person, but honestly you have no idea. From the front, as you see her in most photos, she looks large but from the side…. My joints hurt just thinking about it.

  11. vote4freedom

    She knows she is lying to herself. She knows she's a fake…

  12. Mary Grace Seagraves

    Who else watching while at the gym for motivation🙋🏼‍♀️

  13. Galaxy rose

    With this and the antivaxx movement so so many people are losing their lives because they don't want to believe people who spent most of their lives learning how to keep people alive and healthy

  14. MacrodermaGigas

    I'm a larger woman. Not anywhere near Tess' size, but definitely overweight. I had a traumatic back injury a couple years ago, and have gained about 70 pounds since. At first I brushed it off, but seeing how much worse it gets the larger you get, I've pushed through a lot to start losing weight. I never want to be that big.

  15. D Fam

    She’s going to die. Plain and simple.

  16. Skippy The ‘Bush’ Kangaroo

    You need to do a video on Chantal Marie aka foodie beauty aka big beautiful me.

  17. Yvana Lucia

    She is just selfish and do not want to die alone

  18. Craig Pharaoh

    I weighed 512lbs. I had to lie to myself just to cope

  19. Lisa Edwards

    Fat acceptance is such nonsense

  20. rick4777 V

    Well, if she keeps it up, she might not even make it to 50.

  21. Marcos Ramos

    Great video and message. I wish you could have a public and rational discussion with the people who celebrate obesity. You are not shaming anybody, you want people to be healthy and have a better quality of life. Keep it up brother

  22. JennInLondon

    Interesting point about labs. In the same vein, often people who are underweight due to anorexia will justify their behaviors because they're labs are normal. Labs can mean very little in terms of their health however. It is important to look at the various health indicators for people on all points along the spectrum so the person who is struggling can recognize their health condition for what it is and stop living in denial. I've known many people with eating disorders who use this logic – myself included. It's easy to get wrapped up in stuff like "this number is fine so I must be fine," including numbers found in labs.

  23. Pasajero De La Brújula

    Tess Holiday’s mind is warped by her agents, manager, etc. Those that are leaching off of the appearance they monetize from her would make it virtually impossible for her to lose weight even if she wanted to. She’ll liberate herself from them with her life.
    To say she’d even have this kind of desire or awareness would imply that she believes there is a better avenue for her life to go through. But due to the nature of what kind of diseased thinking she sees the world through, it’s likely to say her perception of what possibilities are available to her are very funneled.
    She probably feels the most love and approval at the discretion of her audience and followers. Trapped in this addictive pattern of living would make it very difficult for her to let go of the very thing that makes her feel alive. It’s a euphoria, a drug, that anesthetizes all of the deep seeded and profoundly buried amount of psychological issues that she drowns with the attention she receives from social media.

  24. Kim Bronius

    Best message to get ourselves back into health. Thank you Alan for the truth, we need more messages like this.

  25. Possle

    I thought this woman was just carrying a bit of weight.
    Had no idea she was of such a size walking up stairs was such hard work

  26. Cory Obrien

    Why are you in your family van man? The kids own tue house or you???

  27. Cat Whisperer

    Thank you! Finally someone is addressing the daily PHYSICAL pain, embarrassment and constantly worrying about doing things that may be too difficult to do like WALK!

  28. Cat Whisperer

    I thought she looked heavier….

  29. Robin Tiefel

    It's pathetic how obsessed you are with this woman. She even had to block you on instagram. What's next a restraining order? You want her so bad it boils your blood that she won't have a thing to do with you.

  30. Maria Athena

    I currently live in China, I'm 34, I live on the 4th floor, last floor. Have to climb stairs up and down everyday, I'm thankful for the free exercise.

  31. Anne Plowman

    Hey! Wanna know another great side effect of obesity?! Kidney stones. Yup. It puts the fricken' asterisk in *besity. LOL

  32. Addison Combs

    im gonna be real with you chief, Im 100lbs of pure muscle and bone and i still avoid the stairs.

  33. Dan Pepin

    What's sad is eventually her weight is going to prevent her from enjoying life. One slip and fall and it's over. It's so sad.

  34. rivahkillah

    I agree with what you're saying in principle, but two stairs also seems like too small of a sample size to talk about her stair climbing ability.

  35. Solomon Mason

    I can't tell if you have started taking a more compassionate tone when dealing with the obesity crisis, or it just took me far too long to see the compassion you have under the "angry bald guy" attitude, but either way it is warming to see how seriously you take the health of people, including those who hate you with every fiber of their being.

  36. Rachael Malfer

    I think a lot of these people are in denial and refuse to be honest with themselves. While never morbidly obese, the big wake-up call was stairs and my dad's health. Yes, there are conditions and things that may be outside of your control, but it is up to you to do the best you can.

  37. Elaina Kosmidis

    Both, exercise & nutrition are important. However, some people (out of necessity) work many hours (& others even work double shifts on a regular basis). Therefore, it is difficult for them to go to the gym, or to even exercise at home. That’s why it’s so important for us to learn how to eat properly. I highly recommend a WHOLE FOODS PLANT BASED DIET 🌱: One of my favourite books is entitled WHOLE, by TC Campbell (he’s the author of THE CHINA STUDY). If you don’t have time to exercise, then please learn how to eat properly (fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds). 🍉 🍎 🍌 🌶 🌽 🥬 🧘‍♀️🙏Finally, try to squeeze in a few minutes of yoga daily, it’ll change your lives.😊🇨🇦

  38. Justine Deschenes

    Omg Tess is essentially a glamourized Amberlynn

  39. Dazed Starfish

    Allen THANK YOU first off paralyzed father, who was told he would never walk again, not only is walking again but goes to the gym every other day and uses the pool on the other nights. Secondly I have had hypothyroidism since I was 9 yrs old and blew up from steroids as a child, I'm on a high does of medication to this day for my thyroid. My whole life I've had to fight hard to stay in shape, now at 31 yrs old ive just gotten over an illness, I've eat well but have just put myself on a strict diet because I've become over weight at 5'2 I'm 170lb and am fighting to get in a healthy state again. If these LAZY woman even knew how much I wish I could lose weight as easy as them and it's no fair that I want to be healthy and have such a struggle and these woman could care less and embrace their gluttony. I do not like them.

  40. Aimerzzz :D

    "Stop loving food more than you love yourself" – learned this the hard way!

  41. Brantley Vanhoek

    Yea my dad fell down a few stairs the other day and kinda fucked up his knee and back. He's almost 50, but being 100 lbs overweight surely didn't help.

  42. Revelations_1:16

    As an obese woman that realizes this and is making a change I must say that Tess Holiday is the last person that I should ever take health advice from..

  43. Annette Leggett

    I know one of my turning point for working on my health was feeling like death after one flight of stairs. Until she realizes that she is headed to an early grave and needs help, nothing will work. She needs to get away from those sycophants telling her what an inspiration she is.

  44. lissawhitney

    I have an endocrine disorder and even while exercising 4 times a week I can only intake about 1300 calories a day without gaining weight. After losing 50lbs last year to get to a healthy weight I still track like crazy in order to maintain a healthy weight. It drives me crazy when people act like it’s impossible to lose. It may be incredibly difficult, but it is possible for almost anyone. I only lost a half pound a week through my journey, but I still made it. If I can do it you can too!

  45. Raul Luna

    6"00" 36y/o 230lbs here. I've been diabetic since I was 15 and recently diagnosed with high blood pressure at 220/120 even though I always workout at the gym but I still ate what I wanted. So I recently started to make a change at getting a personal trainer, running everyday and being on a calorie deficit. I've lost 9lbs so far and have a lot more energy and my BP is dropping.

    My point is that I've never been as large as Tess and I've come with these health issues. She's a ticking time bomb. She's going to have major health repercussions soon enough…..

  46. Sandra B.

    Wait for it…..
    Fat activists: "stairs are fat shaming. We need lifts and escalators"

  47. Mike Barbarossa

    The fact that the more obese you are, the more disability problems you'll have is glaringly obvious, and doesn't even need a study to prove it. Basic physics are at work here, folks.

  48. Kez

    Life is not enjoyable when you're obese, in every aspect, socially, physically, mentally it's hell and I don't understand why anyone would just want to accept it and embrace it.

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