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  1. Aimee Thomson

    …said it was hers.;

  2. Dereck Lewis

    I love this music💗👍

  3. Alyssa

    God i love this song so goddamn much.

  4. Giulia Brunetti

    Still here, August 30th 2019 at 1.40AM

  5. Brayam Cruz

    ¿Quién vergas habla español?

  6. Claire Alfafara

    He's dead. It's easier to move on if I just believe that he's already gone. Because the person I thought that he was isn't there anymore.

  7. shadow dark

    Me encantaaaa 🙊🙊🙊

  8. Klaus Ellingsen

    This song gives me gas

  9. Final sy

    This song makes me wanna have sex with my friend lol

  10. Luis Meza

    Somebody agosto 2019

  11. Ms. Park


  12. Анастасия Дегтярёва

    Can somebody else explain me the plot of this video?

  13. Luiza Sherlock

    odeio essa musica escutava ela em 2016 final de janeiro mas peguei amizade amo

  14. Stevie Dirickson

    Song starts at 3:00 you’re welcome

  15. Bts Army

    Can someone help me and give me some songs like that ?

  16. Ng Chau


  17. Softest Antonette

    fuck its 2:52 am, and im thinking about my ex which, we are still best friends, he might get back with me when his feelings for me get stronger but, it just makes me sad. like, this song makes me cry. 🙁

  18. Mark Z

    this music video sums up my life after college

  19. tala nawaf

    this song will always get to me

  20. Natalia Kallay

    7:077:26 ART

  21. sniper sm

    I've liked a girl in a while and realized that i have a crush on her like 2 weeks ago, after I've realized how much i love her she texted me! I was so so happy cause i liked her words and loved her soul more than anything (i haven't seen her yet but I'm pretty sure that she's gonna be the prettiest human i see i can feel it) anyways while we are talking she mentions that she's having a crush on someone she met a while ago, it kinda broke my heart a bit… i even helped her to talk to her crush and reach out to them
    It makes me happy that someone can make her happy but I'm sad that it isn't me, i want to hold her so close to me too bad she likes somebody else
    I've been listening to this song since i found out about her crush and i can't stop listening to it since she told me about this song even and it reminds me of her 🙂
    -i might tell her later that i have a crush on her but idk i think i should wait and ask her how is it going with her crush

  22. Wiz Knight

    starts at 3:08

  23. badgaltori

    Listening to my YouTube mix before I go to sleep 😴

  24. badgaltori

    Goodnight everyone 😂🥰🥰

  25. Kiss Menor


  26. Phú Baby 2002


  27. Lovekosiii BTSSUGA

    this is so depressing, i miss him so much

  28. Modhupa Tsali

    I get it Matty, you think i'm unattractive. You don't have to say "I don't want your body" so many times.

  29. Ringdiggydong

    This song hits different at 3am

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