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  1. Abraham lee

    You guys just think everything Xi did is wrong no matter how.
    Communist is evil so it is political struggle when they takes down corrupted officials and it is ok for you westen politicians.
    Communist is evil so you support Hong Kong to be independent while only 17% of them want to be independent. Why don't you support Catalonian to be independent from spain?
    Communist is evil so it is terrible for Chinese economy slowing down to 6.7% while you western countries only grow at less than 2%.
    It is so pathetic for westerners because they can't read Chinese and they can only watch this kind of biased video.

  2. Gman Singh

    CNN, Fox News, Hollywood all serve the interest the elites in US.

  3. Gman Singh

    One thing for sure is they are not western puppets 🙂

  4. Anne Teoh

    He's talking as if he's Chinese … awful denials of Xi's great achievements and the unique Chinese system. So skewered; he's totally our of touch with our cognitive awareness of propaganda and demonising. He takes us awfully backwards. Let's see what Xi will be saying.

  5. NeoGeoSNK

    One single mind, a strong nation, in China, no needs for two parties fighting each other for decades, no gender studies, no Hollywood craps, only one goal and one goal only, continue to grow and advance. Ya we system is not like the west, but it works, you’d only have to agree with it, you don’t have to like it. But it works and it makes sense. These western politicians…. typical !

  6. SpaceExplorer

    Extremely interesting thanks

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