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  1. YU HE

    Stupid Washinton post, let me tell you to use Google first.

  2. YU HE

    China do know USA, but USA do not know China.

  3. Irene Chiu

    02:02:35, heart received!!!!! corazon recibido!!!

  4. YU HE


  5. YU HE

    The title is shame of USA media.

  6. YU HE

    Google the truth, ccp is founded in 1921, this is 70 of prc

  7. Jie Li

    I feel so great as being a member of communism CHN. Thanks for ur title phrase

  8. milo quinn

    LOL classic US media. Of course, they are not stupid, only want to say the communist is a autarch.

  9. Internet Troll

    The amount of Chinese who didn't read the title carefully is astounding. The title said 70 years of CCP rule aka take control mainland China. The party maybe older than 70 years but CCP has officially controlled mainland China since 1949.

  10. Laneea D

    the title well told everyone the mida" s position.

  11. GG Z

    The new title is not right either, CCP's rule in northern China started long before PRC establishment. WP just afraid to mention PRC in the title, for political right reason?

  12. Kang Kim

    This title is hilarious. Just arrogance and ignorance

  13. Ryan Butler

    Does this mean the meek have inherited the earth?

  14. Bw z

    Compared to Comrade Trump's Inauguration this display is
    a total nothing burger.

  15. 浮生未歇

    This title is very ignorant,That's why Trump say‘fake news’😂

  16. Armando Ortiz

    Mando un cariñoso abrazo a mi querida China desde Mexico.
    Viva China primera potencia mundial.

  17. 浮生未歇


  18. Timothy Wei

    704 imperialists disliked this video

  19. Bill Casy


  20. Kaovei Everson

    So much happiness on the face of the people❤️❤️❤️

  21. मा भारती

    Bharat mata ki jai.

  22. World Mapper

    Soviet union: we have the best parade ever.
    China: hold my rice.

  23. Throki

    Anyone know the name of the song that starts at about 1:01:30 when the vehicles come to the parade? Thanks! 🙂

  24. СССР

    Под Красным флагом с Серпом и Молотом не стыдно проводить парады!

  25. Abril



    could you go to read history before you make this stupid title, the only thing we can see from you it's your ignorance and arrogance.

  27. Ting Luo

    I shed tears every time I watch these kind of videos. Just imagine how we were invaded by western powers a century ago and my grandparents were starving grow up. My parents, who are immigrant worker from the reform and opening up program, have the opportunity to work hard so that I can go to school and have prospects. I feel so blessed being born in this age . China has come a long way. I don’t care what ignorant and biased foreigners say about China or the communist party, all I know is that this country is getting better every day. It’s far from perfection, but we’re getting there. Best wishes to our motherland

  28. NeX Vivo


  29. NeX Vivo


  30. NeX Vivo

    全世界都在看新中國70週年慶典,看《中國機長》,台灣媒体在為連千毅、返校、光頭昌 慶祝?
    這是大開大闔 VS. 井底之蛙。

  31. World News

    Xi Jinping’s theory for the Chinese…STEAL, STEAL, STEAL and freaking STEAL as much as you can from USA and the world for China 2025. We 👏 to see President Trump whack Xi like a 🐖

  32. Ting Luo

    Back off bitches, it’s China ‘s time to shine

  33. 邪西就东

    Really ? its Necesssssssary to add 'Communist party of its rule' in the title ?

  34. T Fix

    DF17. DF21!!!

  35. Liqi Zhao

    Republicans marks its 3rd year of its arrogant destruction of the world rules with a crazy child

  36. sun yoppi

    what a tricky western media

  37. crabtrap

    WOW still carrying SKS's in 2019……i guess the US should be shaking in our boots!

  38. crabtrap

    I hope you saved the Harbor Freight receipt for those ICBM's.

  39. Kyose

    stupid Wahington Post intentionally put the title wronged.
    It's the PRC's anniversary, not the CCP. How stupid.

  40. Kaovei Everson

    ❤️❤️❤️🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳from NE india

  41. Meklavier

    The communist party flag comes before the country flag. bravo, the party is before the country.党旗比国旗先。哈哈,真是党比国大。

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