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  1. 2Bit Rasputin

    That Fool Donald Trump could have been There. Just for the Asking.

  2. 2Bit Rasputin

    Makes me Proud to be Chinese (even though I'm not).

  3. NPC 01010101010101001

    OH BY THE WAY, All those "spectators" you see.. LOL HAND PICKED BY CCP. Fake excitment.. just like north korea. haa

  4. Calvin Lee

    Haha, how Interesting~I'm a Chinese and I can tell you that Chinese people really enjoy it. Yeah you western people don't understand our tradition and culture but still comment with arrogance and prejudice. In fact we don't care about what you are thinking of our country,we live a happy life,that's enough.

  5. Maniaouri

    Long Live the Great Chinese people

  6. glenny oc

    The irony is Mao banned old cultural shows. Even wushu was in place of kungfu schools. Imagine this spectacular show under a democratic elected goverment 🙌

  7. outbacktrek

    haHa … some good pepPills.
    liarLiar mafiaXi thinks this is all2honor him….

  8. 黑傑克


  9. Joseph fieid

    I thought diversity was a strength all i see is Chinese

  10. 6655321

    They went big because there may not be a china next year the way thinga have been going.

  11. Colin Tan

    Mackinder used to say in his Great Game for Central Asia that whoever controls Central Asia will control the World. Now his Eurasian BRI geo-connectivity will be finally realised to stitch up the landmass of Africa, Europe and Asia together.

  12. Chrys Plowright

    Amazing to see the Chinese people so happy to see the CCP spending all their money on such a lavish display.

  13. adreucatraucali

    How about the fireworks 💥 in Hong Kong 🇭🇰

  14. Tarey Reilly

    This show is for the West, not the Chinese. Are those dances and costumes traditional Chinese? This spectacle is possible after party members have watched thousands of hours of Olympic game celebrations worldwide and COPYING all of it. It's all about looking PERFECT. Mistakes will not be tolerated. This is all government, not the Chinese people.

  15. Joe Butch

    From this point on it is nose dive for China !!

  16. Glen Hesketh

    If we did that,we would be called right wing extremists.

  17. Bob Mitchell

    Congratulations China. Amazing celebration. 👏👏👏 Wake up West! Respect. Reflect. Reason. Rapprochement. Resolve. Resist…only when necessary.👍👍👍🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺

  18. Flying Dutchman

    We can feeling difference and disagree about China's policies but they are the best in organizing their events!

  19. David Webster

    Fantastic! However I don't see joy on the officials faces haha. I guess they had to foot the bill.

  20. vulo vulo

    while the youngsters in hk decided they would not have such a thing there.

  21. Antonio Teixeira

    IMPRESSIVE!!!!🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗 Holly cuacamole!!!! Sheeeeeeer amasingness!!! MASTERPIECE! 🤗🤗🤗🤗 Oh the LOGISTICS! My G O D!
    Its also a most exelent way of harnessing public support (orgone energy manipulation) for various usages🤔 Need not be negative…per say.
    Social Orgone Manipulation can also be positive. In this case, the sheer human (chinese culture ) artistic expression and the utter VALUE of Falun Dafa principles.
    That, says it all indeed……….

    Such beauty here….😢
    Time for China LTD, reward those that made/make it, Great.

    Its people.

    The CCP with out the chinese people…..well……..no comment needed. Last emperor indeed…🤔

    Its a circle.
    The Human circle.

    Theres no "Pyramid" in an evolved type 1 Planetery sociaty. Pyramid ponzi schemes are for Nero followers way back in Rome( etc.) Back in the carrot and stick age of idiotic inflated Egos.

    Impressive performance!!!!

  22. Li Fang

    Decades ago, if a Chinese family had a small black and white TV set plus US$1000 saving, it was considered as very rich. Now most families have all kinds of electronics at home plus much more saving, as the Chinese government fulfilled its promise of making Chinese rich.

  23. yidan han

    It’s reaaaally a day of huge celebration for the whole nation!!! All the ceremonies, parade, fireworks, light shows, night gala today were breathtaking!!!Regret not going back to China to experience all of that. I’m soooo lucky to be living in a peaceful era. I’m feeling sooooooo proud that I’m Chinese!

  24. hipe mipee

    So great to see china is back! great people… great different, distinct, beautiful, yet peaceful cultures in one giant nation… welcome back China!

  25. YewTube

    Respect for 🇨🇳

  26. Carlos avila

    For a minute i thought was watching Mulan with my daughter

  27. Global Citizen

    Impressive show

  28. 阮桐

    Some people just show how ignorance they are🤭

  29. D dan

    Welcome to China!~

  30. Jeff Liu

    long live China!!!!! i am so proud of my own country.

  31. FirstNameCorrectly LastNameCorrectly

    Capitalism is the best!

  32. Ali Man

    Ga tau apa

  33. Lots of 🍋 in comments section. You may never know the happiness of contributing own country from nothing. Ten years later China will be greater. And you just keep 🍋🍋🍋.

  34. Charlie Quan

    Mainland Chinese people can’t even read these comments because the CCP block them from freedom of information. This display is all about CCP self promotion DONT let pretty colours and sounds fool you

  35. 푸옹 Phuong DPRK Daily

    Happy birthday People's China! 🇨🇳

  36. ukscf

    They look like the same kinda happiness the north koreans display. Social credit system, communism. 💩🕳🌏

  37. Charlie Quan

    This is the CCP promoting itself to its own people nothing more. Chinese people that haven’t lived outside of China will never understand what civil liberties they are missing Governments should serve the people NOT the other way around. Don’t let the pretty colours and sounds fool you

  38. Михаил Ступин

    Long Live The People's Republic of China!

    ☭☭☭Long Live Communism!!!☭☭☭

  39. Baibonn Dilangalen Sangid

    Ni hao mah✨💐🎉🎇🎊🌻🌹🐝
    Long live and Congratulations💎dear Great China 🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇭🇰🌠🌠🎺🎷
    Love from the Philippines 🇵🇭

  40. Nature & Skye

    Nobody does it like CHINA. Beautiful, thanks for sharing.

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