The art of loving oneself

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How can so many women do this? As long as I remember, I have realized my disgust. My overweight round body has always been that I didn't fully participate in life, didn't realize my potential, didn't get into long-term relationships, didn't have enough, and couldn't settle for what I deserved – after all, people would choose an excuse for someone to love, I certainly won't. I have never been more than 14 yards, but in my mind, I am huge and not cute. In my struggle to lose weight by dieting, I began to understand that this is because I don't love myself, and my body reflects my opinion of me. I don't love me, so I created a body that is similar to "not love."

My investigation into the reasons I didn't like myself made me embark on a huge journey that included most of my life. Parental relationships have a big impact on shaping the lives of girls or any child. My mother still did incredibly unworthy things for this day, and she was so obsessed with the attitude of everyone in her mouth. My post-war patriarchal father believed in educating boys, but girls only grew up to be babies and live in the suburbs – didn't they? Growing up in Brisbane in the 1960s and 1970s, I did not reflect the example of women's success. Women even severely suppress their work, not to mention success with their own rights.

I recently listened to a psychotherapist at a conference. He explained that boys develop a natural sense of self-esteem in their 3 years old achievements, and girls do not develop in the same way. Many other factors must work to enable women to develop the same self-awareness. This is a light bulb for me. In general, men seem to have a natural sense of rights and self-worth, and women are often difficult to achieve in their lifetime. I have never heard of this before, but it explains why women cannot naturally develop healthy self-worth and why mothers need to model their daughters and sons.

So, working before the age of 15, I can't wait to start the ceremony and see many young people going overseas and testing their fertility outside of suffocating family relationships. I obviously don't fit the mold of my home and want to escape. London and Europe and anywhere except Brisbane have made this naive 20-year-old dream come true, and I announced these opportunities in freedom. I am addicted to cigarettes, alcohol, sex and drugs, trying to fill the abyss of my needs with rich sexual partners, looking for love, but just having sex. Smoking and sex are good ways to escape. I repeat this model for many years to come. I don't understand that I am avoiding my own disgust and my situation when I am outside the body during a drug abuse. Unacceptable overweight body.

Then I met a man and fell in love

Then I met a man and fell in love. To my surprise, he fell in love with me. At the age of 26 in London, hey, hey, desperately fell in love with the 6-inch gorgeous man in a double-breasted suit. His mother, what am I married? I brought him back to my family in Australia – this my parents saw the violence, alcoholism and emotions in an instant. "Love is blind" has never been true to me. The mixture of alcohol fuels my loss, because I struggle in the dark, especially in love, but I can't understand that if someone says that they love you, it will cause so much pain.

Marriage lasted for 20 months. Fortunately, I have never known violence against women and are not prepared to wear it. I walked away, my heart was broken, my faith in me and my innocence. In the healing process of the following years, I gradually understood that I fully understood how broken I was. This is not about him, but about how I feel about myself and myself. When you get it, you have the power to change your life when you realize that you are fully attracted to the energy you release. Many women choose not to see this vibrating match as they attract men in life and are still victims, repeating the same scene over and over again. The face may be different, but the pain is the same. With its infinite wisdom, the universe offers you as many opportunities as possible to wake up. If you are really sleepy, you can use this knowledge as a "wake up."

I spent many years trying to understand why I was so broken, why I hate myself, and why I attracted those losers. The examination of my growing experience does not include any sexual or physical abuse. Of course, my parents played the role of victim and oppressor in the middle class, but without alcohol or violence, I was well cared for and loved, and as normal as other children.

At about 30 years old, divorce and fantasies shattered, a light continued, and my spiritual search was selected. It was in 1991, I moved to Melbourne, I lived in a new era man! Crystal shop, incense, tarot cards, aura, dream catcher – I use it as a topping ice cream. Afterwards, I started looking for answers and answered all the major questions, but at the time, I was just trying to heal the huge gaps caused by the failed marriage and the belief that all men are jerk. At this stage, I don't even understand the depth of the break and my lack of love for myself. I see this now is normal. In fact, most people will never check their wounds, because doing so means you have a deeper understanding of your soul to find out who you are. This is a journey that most people will never do – it's too painful. It's easier to live on the surface and never bring out a steam cleaner to remove dirt from the bottom of the fiber. It's best to just lift the edge of the carpet, push the debris down quickly, pray to God that no one can see through your broken facade. No one often does this because they are too busy to spy on their broken life.

The path of the soul

I never knew when I decided to go there. Maybe this is a soul decision made before I took my body shape, somehow I think so, but life seems to just collude a series of catalysts for growth, and of course my failed marriage. I sometimes regret that I have never married in the early days of life, have several children, and work with a good man to lead a normal life. Exist, but this is not the way my soul chooses this life. No, it chooses to walk less than walking #39; on the one hand, it has always been lonely and has no children, but it is rich and full, free to experience the life that many women and men miss, their life is endless Work cycle and take care of others.

It’s weird when you start looking for something, but you don’t know what you are looking for. The noble Knight Percival's pursuit of the Holy Grail is that many people seek to explain the fables used in the search for knowledge, wisdom, God, spirit or pure self. It is intuitive, indescribable but awakened by the mind. I remember talking to one of my spiritual teachers when I became a Reiki channel. For the first time, I said that I really began to understand the meaning of unconditional love. When you give up on yourself, love embraces everything. This is a concept that I only have theoretical understanding, but deep in my soul, I have begun to heal. Like the tightly closed rosebuds that began to unfold, the beginnings of the newborns that I saw open to the heart are like releasing an energy, the light of which is a salve of the soul. Like the knights who fanatically witnessed the Holy Grail appearing in the court of King Arthur, they will be touched by the love elixir, so that they will always pursue death, so I also made a promise.

Love is a drug

If there is a reason for someone to start a spiritual journey, then it must be the desire to immerse themselves in the experience of love. In all existence, nothing is more desirable than this. Once you have tasted its magnificence, then you are the slave that is constantly unfolding. Yoga cultivators, sad people and mystics of every religion are talking about this transcendental experience of heaven, blending a higher consciousness, that is, leaving material into the realm of happiness. I tell you, I tasted its sweetness and was committed to finding another blow, just like any heroin addict.

What motivates and divides my soul now is the power of the ultimate height achieved by the two partners in the sacred act. Although most people will only experience a variety of physical behaviors in pediatrics, they will still remember when their hearts first touched that particular in their lives. When they are still new, they can’t wait to think. To lose yourself in their partners, eyes, mouth and bare skin. When the two hearts are open and only see the most beautiful physical connection between each other, an incredible high is followed, promising to last and consolidate a relationship that connects people, which was a lifetime commitment. . Regrettably, the straight flush disappears, the rose is the open heart, slowly closing in the reality of daily life, losing the beauty that love is the first to discover.

Tantra / sacred sex

The Eastern belief system and the practices of Tantra and sacred acts are now filled with Western audiences and promise to regain the ecstasy between the two. By using the most powerful energy – the amount of performance – as a way to the divine sublimation experience, spirit and matter join the sacred pouring, not only…

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