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  1. Dawn Sousa

    Does anyone out there know of any organization; a journalist with INTEGRITY; a news station that will ACTUALLY GO TO BAT FOR THE PATIENT AND/OR AGREE TO FILM THAT PATIENT'S ATTEMPTS TO GET NECESSARY,  PREVIOUSLY PRESCIRBED SURGERY AND/OR HEALTH CARE REMEDIES?  If so, please let me know because I am attempting to go up against the UC REGENTS/UCSF/SFGH and all of their affiliates just to get the surgery my boyfriend has needed, was prescribed 3 years ago and to date has not received.  I WANT TO MAKE THE SITUATION FRONT PAGE NEWS — WHETHER IT BE VIA YOUTUBE OR SOME OTHER NON-MAINSTREAM MEDIA OUTLET (because as we all know – or should know by now — mainstream media is almost SOLELY POLITICALLY MOTIVATED).  Thank you.

  2. Dark Soul

    God bless you ❤

  3. Angela Martin

    By far one of my favorite TED talks.

  4. Surely Goodness

    Thank you, things I never thought about. I work in a hospital in the Lab.

  5. Jay Extarys

    We need more people like you ❤

  6. Heidi Leeshire

    K. Now I am 9:17 into this, & I wish 2 express a very personal exp. I have intractable, inoperable epilepsy, that presents in some typical ways & in other atypical ways. I tend 2 go into status epilepticus, & it's scary. The parts I remember r absolutely terrifying. It's like my brain is a haunted house w/o an exit. It's very hard on my body. We know where the focus is, but it is deep in my brain, & 2 remove it would negate me from storing or making memories. The rest of my brain has a lot of dmg bcuz of the well worn paths taken by dozens of status seizures. A couple of months ago I had 2 b life flighted bcuz I live in the middle of nowhere. I had yet another status episode, that caused encephalitis & a serious stroke. Last month, I had a seizure, & was taken by ambulance to a hospital out here. The ER doc took 1 look @ my med card w/ my address (a very poor county going thru a serious meth problem) me,(a young woman going through convulsions & unable to communicate) & diagnosed me as a person going thru withdrawal of meth, since it wasn't in my system, he assumed I had to be withdrawing from it. He never looked into my previous charts, spoke w/ my providers. Nothing. We live here, bcuz we lost our homes to flooding three years in a row, & now live w/ family who has been here 30 yrs, way before it became a drug prob area. Our automobile has been stolen by the users, meds stolen by ppl we have hired & paid out of pocket, even needles & insulin have been stolen (I have 2 sons w/ autism & type 1 diabetes, caused by med). My in home care/nursing that I have qualified for since I first needed it, isn't covered in this county. It is in every county that borders ours. I have never taken meth. I am way too busy trying to stay as healthy as possible, be a great mom & equally great wife😁. I am on about 20 different meds due to a plethora of medical problems. U name it, I have probably exp. it. Cutaneous T cell Lymphoma, Addison's Disease, cardiac arrest (28 minute, so I think I might b immortal😁), kidney failure, and on and on. My oncologist has fought for me, like this lovely gentleman does for his patients, & he understands that when u survive the unsurvivable, over & over, chemo after chemo, etc, u r never really healthy again…but w/ proper care, on both the patient's & med team's behalf, u can live to see your kids grow up, u can celebrate 20 yrs of marriage, & make dreams come true. Thank u sir, for shining a big light on problems far too many patients have, I am certain. Them, their families & doctors r often afraid to tackle them, much less know how to. You need a cape to go w/ that beautiful, incredible soul you house.💖😊

  7. kerrystolcenberg


  8. Heidi Leeshire

    I am only 2 min 17 sec. into the vid, & I already relate. I don't think most doctors or ppl realize we aren't all horses. Some of us are zebras. And a handful of us are unicorns. 💞😘I couldn't find a unicorn so I am signing off as a pink poodle, 🐩

  9. pork chop

    I'm a registered nurse and a single parent. Some of these realizations didn't come to me until I found myself in the hospital after being run over by a truck and breaking a hip and both legs. My financial resources were already tapped before my accident. There was so much paperwork I would spend full days filling it out and talking on the phone. Long story short it took 8 months to start collecting a short term disability check. In the meantime, I was living off of Paid time off (PTO) when that ran out I started running out of money to pay bills and started getting behind on the most important bills House payment and car payment. I eventually lost my house and three years later still trying to get caught up on my bills. I can now relate closely to what Mitchell H Katz is talking about. I used to think that when I sent a patient home that the worst of it was over, I now realize its just the beginning. Thank You

  10. Mel Kimble

    Thank you for this. Thank you for your compassion and your positive impact on the world. Thank you for sharing and I hope that this presentation will enlighten and encourage others.

  11. Clever Puppy Studios

    Giving insane amounts of money to insurance companies and making healthcare mandatory isn't the way to help people who literally can't find transportation to medical centers. Insurance companies/medical clinics should provide transportation to non-emergency people. There also needs to be a way for insurance companies to fund food (for families in need as part of the care) from the astronomical amount of insurance money . There's just gotta be a way everyone can get what they need.

  12. Annie Conway

    God, you might as well be talking about Africa and our dismal systems ….. sad, sad, sad

  13. hannah peace

    Wonderful presentation

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