The basic application of Meteor Feng Shui in your home

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Do you know that a certain part of your house has the biggest impact on you? Have you ever wondered why ancient houses are square or rectangular in shape? By the end of this article, the answer should be very clear.

Once you have the information I am about to share with you, you can easily use this knowledge to impress your friends and family. Let me first introduce the concept of meteor Feng Shui…

Meteor feng shui is used to determine the event of a house or space based on calculations. Involving 9 stars, each star has its own meaning. Each meteor is located in each of the nine regions, depending on the month and year.

If a favorable star belongs to a particular department, then the person who occupies the department or the family member represented by the department will have beneficial things. For the unfavorable star, this is another way.

Today, you won't see the stars, but you will be familiar with these areas and which family members each department represents. These parts are divided into 3 parts and 3 parts. Only 8 family members participated. The middle department does not represent any family member.

By knowing which flying star in each sector, you can easily determine which family members are enjoying the good times and also know which family members are experiencing a rough patch. Let me list each department and the family members it represents…

Male/Father – Northwest

  Hostess / Mother – Southwest

  Eldest son – east

  Middle children – north

  The youngest son – Northeast

  The biggest daughter – southeast

  Middle female – south

  The youngest daughter – West

Now, I know that the list above may not represent every family member, it may be a bit confusing. Let me clarify those potential doubts…

Let us say that you live with your parents, you have a brother. Which department represents you? The answer is the Northeast Department. This cannot be confused with the northern sector [middle son]. Many people are confused. They think that being a second son means they are middle sons.

The only time to use the son department is to have no 3 or more sons. If there are three sons, then the second son is considered to be the middle son. What if there are 4 sons? Then in this case, the second and third sons are considered to be middle sons. In other words, the northern sector affects the second and third sons. The same concept applies to the daughter.

Now, what happens if 3 generations live under the same roof? There is no department that represents the grandson. In this case, grandparents are represented by the northwest [grandfather] and southwest [grandmother]. Parents also represent the same department in the northwest as the father and the southwest as the mother. Basically, parents and grandparents share the same department.

What if you are alone?

In this case, it depends on whether you are male or female. If you are alone and you are a male, then your department is the northwest. If you are a woman and are alone, your department is the Southwest.

Now, if you notice that the old Chinese houses are usually square or rectangular. Why is this happening? In terms of feng shui, square or rectangular has the best feng shui. The reason is because all eight departments are intact.

Today, many houses are irregularly shaped. This results in the lack of sectors. The missing department leads to missing family members. In less severe cases, family members represented by the missing department rarely return home. Always like to hang out outside. In more serious cases, the family member may migrate or worse, die of end-stage disease.

If you want a feng shui house, first make sure it is square or rectangular. Good luck and health.

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